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Words from Airport Shuttle Drivers

People who go through a lot of airports see them all the time; airport shuttle drivers. They handle airport transfers, making sure that people who want to get to and from the airport with as little fuss as possible.

They’re people with their own stories too, and some of us are curious about them. Thankfully, some airport shuttle drivers like having a passenger who asks them questions about their lives, so they’re happy to give answers, and one of them was happy to answer for an article.

How much do they get paid?

Usually, the people that handle airport transfers only get paid minimum wage, but they can, however, earn tips from passengers. The sad thing is, according to the driver, is that many people like him don’t receive any tips. While they say that’s understandable for drivers that make little effort to help, some do what they can to make travelers feel comfortable. The interviewed driver explains that while they do less work than the bellman, they also have less chances to help travelers and are equally reliant on tips.

Do travelers like to speak with drivers?

Yes, the driver says, some do. They add that, having spent so much time around such people, they can immediately identify who’s the conversational type. Drivers, they explain, are accustomed to it, and understand; everyone has a story, everyone’s been through something. Though they do say that they prefer it that passengers talk to them; seeing it as a chance to meet new people, interact with a stranger and make them smile.

Are certain travelers nicer to the driver than most?

The driver interviewed says that it varies. Families, they say, are always appreciative for help since they’ve got a lot on their plate. Airline crew are polite, and tip well, they add, though they do sometimes get marked as cheap tippers. The driver says that drivers like them and airline crew see each other repeatedly thanks to airport transfers, giving them a certain friendship that’s uncommon in either profession.

Why are there a lot of older shuttle drivers?

They say there are two reasons. The obvious one being; they need the money, either because their pensions are gone or they had some issues with money. Others, however, do it for a more social reason. The interviewee says that being a shuttle driver allow them to meet a variety of people unmatched in most jobs for the older people.