Women’s Sweaters: What To Invest In And How To Wear Them

Sweaters make for perfect layers on clothes. They add texture to any outfit. They also add interest to that overall look.

Sweaters are mostly knitted and intended to hide the arms and torso. They can either be cardigans or pullovers. Cardigans have openings in the front while pullovers don’t.

There are many Women’s Sweaters to choose from. However, it is best to invest in timeless pieces. Timeless means those styles which can be worn season after season. They are the essentials and the ones that needs to be invested in. Trendier pieces can be added after that.

Versatile sweaters are also something to invest in. They can be transformed into different combinations and styled with scarves, belts, jewelries or bags. Versatile sweaters can be mixed and matched to different looks. They save women the money, and these sweaters put together an outfit easily.

Versatile colors of sweaters are solid black, neutral, gray, dark brown, dark navy blue and cream or white. They go well with any outfit.

The essential sweater styles are shown below.

When women have the enough amount of these essential styles, they can now start with buying the trendier styles. There are various prints, necklines and lengths. There are also different textures and fabrics.

Sweaters with necklines are flattering. The most flattering one is the V-neck. It makes a woman slimmer and balances her shape. It also opens up a woman’s face. However, these don’t work too well for women who have long necks, women who have prominent chins and women who have oblong faces. These sweaters can be modified, though, to not too low V-necklines.

The best necklines are dependent on how a woman’s upper body from the bust up is in proportion with her lower body from the hips down. Women with narrow and slim chests benefit from bust enhancing and rounded necklines. On the other hand, slim and vertical shaped necklines flatter wider and full chested women.

It helps to know which Women’s Sweaters to invest in and how to wear them. These complement and flatter women aside from making them warmer on chilly days.