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Why Packaging Must Be Taken Seriously

One of the most common mistakes of online retailer is focusing all their efforts on their products. They overlook the important of appropriate packaging. I have always made time to ensure that the design of my packaging boxes would encourage my customers to post its image on social media. If packaging looks nice, there is a very great chance for the package image to be shared on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Can you imagine the kind of excitement when the customer receives a product that has been packaged like a gift and not merely wrapped on brown paper? The excitement of the customer will make her want to share her experience in social media as if it is a meaningful life event. The brand gains free advertising because of the efforts to please the customer with fancy and quality packaging.

Consumers tend to look at social media content that is posted by the friends and family. If they see something nice posted, they either like or share the image. There is also a strong possibility for the viewer to make a purchase because of the influence the image made.

In short, it is important to take packaging seriously instead of shipping products in boring corrugated boxes. If you wrap the product in ordinary brown paper, you can be very sure that the recipient will not share it on social media. There is no excitement generated because there in nothing out of the ordinary.

Presentation is extremely important particularly with the stiff competition in the global marketplace. Packaging shows how much the online retailer cares about the customer. In most cases, the better the packaging, the better will be the product inside the package. Better packaging also ensures that the product will reach its destination in one piece without any damages. When the customer receives a damaged product, even if it can be replaced, the relationship is impacted.

Look at all those packages from Paper Mart, customers will be certainly be excited and happy to receive them this holiday season. Not only does it provide adequate protection, it certainly provides something extra for the gift.