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Where To Use LED Light Strips

There are several ways to add colours to your home such as installing 12v LED strip lighting, buying colourful home decors or painting the house in vibrant colours. LED strips are more flexible and thinner compared to regular Christmas lights. If you want to experiment with LED strips instead of making do with holiday lights, there are endless ways you can do it as long as you have a creative mind.

If your home has open-riser stairs, you can decorate with LED lights for safety as well as to create a cool effect. When you need to use the stairs in the middle of the night, it might not be a good idea to turn on the room light right away while your eyes are very sleepy but with LED lights you can install them to turn on only when you need it to save energy at the same time. The dim lighting is only enough to light your way down without blinding you.

We know how expensive it is to purchase hip lounges that comes with lights underneath the furnishing but it can be remedied by adding LED strips to the couch or bed you already have at home. It will give you a hip place to hang around and it will also help set the ambiance inside the room.

People think that the only purpose of shelves is to be used to organize things but it can actually do more than that. It can also highlight the display inside each shelf box by simply adding LED strips around them. You can use plain white LEDs or you can also play with colours and make a colourful shelf with colour coding based on what is placed inside.

If your fridge is always jam-packed with food, you might want to add a few strips of LED lighting to better see everything you have to make sure they are not left rotting at the back. This might not be necessary for newer models of refrigerators but with older ones it can be very helpful. You just have to make sure that the 12v LED strip lighting you install comes with a motion sensor along with a timer to keep the light from turning on all the time.