What Would Web Design Look Like 25 Years From Now?

From its early stages where pages were literally composed of texts, web design has evolved into a highly sophisticated mixture of text, images, video, audio and graphics. Today it would be very difficult for people to imagine a website without all those colors and captivating images including animated graphics. However, the question is what would websites look like 25 years from now?

The future of web design can be very difficult to predict because no one knows what technologies will be launched in the coming years. If we will trace the history of web design, decades ago it was specifically focused on creating appealing designs for desktop computers and laptops. Today, with the overwhelming growth of mobile, web designers have to ensure that websites can be accessed in different platforms.

Designers nowadays have to be innovative and they have to stay ahead of the different trends in design. Predictions from experts generally see that tomorrow’s designs will be more personalized and highly interactive. Social media will be the major driver of changes and improvements. For this reason, businesses must ensure that web design is customized because using online templates make their design look like a poor copy of another website.

Designers also have to be more meticulous when choosing their images. They must start to use high quality professional photography so that they images will stand out. Web designers can encourage their clients to submit their own images to be displayed so as to differentiate them from what already exists on the web. The idea here is to use unique images that web users have never seen before.

In contrast to conventional sites that keep their pages short, many modern designs have become longer to encourage users to scroll instead of clicking on a link to display content. This is particularly useful for those who prefer to use their mobile devices to access websites because they could simply scroll through the page.

However, simplicity will still rule the web because users want to find information quickly in a site that that is clean and uncluttered. For a professional yet appealing web design, please feel free to contact