What To Know About Large Stone Bathroom Tiles?

Are you planning to renovate your bathroom? Listed below will help you make the job easier. You can choose a variety of modern tiles like the large stone bathroom tiles, porcelain, ceramic or white body tiles.

Choosing Lighter Colours Make the Bathroom Space Bigger

If you have a tight bathroom, you can make it look bigger by choosing light-coloured tiles. Note that many bathrooms can be small and sometimes it can go without windows. So, to add more space, you may want to add some decors and lighting. You can even add large stone bathroom tiles and combined it with white subway tiles.

Never Use More than Three for the Same Space

If you want to change the tiles of your bathroom, always remember to only have three options for the bathroom tiles. This way you can incorporate a visual clutter that is attractive to the eyes. You may want to consider bathroom tiles for the walls, floorings and another to accentuate or feature.

Choose the Most Expensive Bathroom Tile First

To cut down cost, you may want to use one tile all throughout. But if you want more than one tiles to use, go for your favourite and determine how much you can go and if you can afford it. As most tiles are expensive, you may want to mix and match to make the bathroom look fascinating. You may want a high-end tile that can go up the wall to feature or use a niche in the shower wall.

Considering the Size

Using large stone bathroom tiles are very trendy nowadays, and they make great tiles for the walls and shower. However, you need to add a water-resistant material to avoid being slippery. You also need to consider those using the bathroom, especially if it’s your kids’ bathroom.

Add Grout to Enhance the Design

To fill in the voids between bathroom tiles, you need to add grout,so it bonds the tiles together and make the surface stronger. You also prevent the tiles from chipping. However, as the grout can enhance the look of your bathroom, you need to add the right colour on the floorings and walls. You can either use light colours or go for contrasting colours. You also need to consider their maintenance.