What Employees Get When Working With Electric Desks

The main problem with most work stations is having employees remain seated for a longer period of time. Note that a human body needs to move any time of the day and not to remain seated for extended hours. Movement is important to the spinal health by enhancing blood flow and minimising muscle fatigue. The only way to achieve it is by muscle movement. If you were to stand and walk while working, you improve blood circulation on fatigued muscles while reinvigorating it. The electric desks should make possible movements required by employees at work.

Sitting Position

Sitting all day even with a healthy ergonomic chair will make your overall health decline. Recent studies show that sitting all day can impose risks of death from heart disease. The risk is three times higher than those who sit the least.

Standing Position

When the body is standing, pressure on the lower back is fairly low than being seated unsupported. Standing will consume 20% of your energy than sitting making your body tire easily.

Sitting and Standing

The best way to make your body healthy while working at the office is to alternately sit and stand to prevent health problems. Regular movement improves the load of the body, increases rest intervals, and minimises the adverse effects of health hazards. To make a possible variety of movements at work, electric desks will suit its purpose.

What are Electric Desks?

These are desks with adjustable height. You can remain seated for some time and if you want to stand, the automated desk will make it possible for you to stand while working. It’s perfect for people who are disabled, aging and obese. It transitions the body from the sitting to the standing position. The variable work posture makes the body work at its strongest and the most efficient way. The electric desks will make users choose their working position that’s ideal for their body.

Employees who alternate standing and sitting positions can have more energy, will experience less fatigue and minimise injuries caused by working too long with one position. The electric desks will make users work more efficiently as they can possibly shift their sitting and standing positions.