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What Are Taught In An International Primary School In Bangkok

The primary or elementary education is the first phase of mandatory education in Thailand. You’ll want your kids enrolled in an international primary school in Bangkok for the best educational foundation. The programme comes after the nursery or pre-school education and supersedes the high school or secondary education. In the US and Canada, this phase of education is otherwise known as elementary education and is followed by middle school. In some other countries, it is important for kids to have primary education, though in some regions, it is actually the parents who should shoulder it. Though the shift to high school or secondary school is discretionary, but it usually happens between aged 11 or 12. Another educational system makes the middle or high school distinctive with the shift to the final phase of education occurring at about age 14.

If you were to enrol your kids at an international primary school in Bangkok, its major goal is to attain basic numeracy and literacy among the pupils, and setting a foundation for mathematics, science, history, geography and other social sciences. They are relatively prioritised according to many areas, how they are taught, and which have been covered in a considerable area of debate.

How a child undergoes elementary or primary education in an international school will have him to stay in advancing classes until he completes the course and move to a higher level, which is secondary or high school. The kids are placed in classrooms with one teacher who will be directly responsible for their education and welfare for that entire year. The teacher can be aided in different subject areas by specialist teachers, such as physical education and music. The teacher and students then develop a closer relationship, making the international primary school in Bangkok possess this notable feature.

Also, various forms of physical punishments may have been a basic part of early education. However, in recent years, this practice has been in question, and in some cases have been forbidden, especially in the Western countries. Hence, an international primary school in Bangkok has minimised if not eliminated practicing such punishments.