Useful Tips On How To Burglar-Proof The Home

Reports from the Federal Bureau of Investigation revealed that crime is on the rise. In the 2016 Crime Statistics Report, FBI divulged that crime increased by 4.1% from 2015 to 2016. Los Angeles Times also disclosed that crime situation in LA County particularly cities like Torrance and Long Beach are near double digit increases. For the best protection against burglars, homeowners are advised to install security doors.

When unwanted intruders break into a home, 34% usually access the front door. Given the fact that property crimes cost billions of dollars annually, there is a significant financial incentive for homeowners to protect their homes with security screen doors.

When you look at the security screen doors, you will notice that there is hardly any difference with the regular screen doors. However, the security screen doors are constructed from metal to prevent forcible entry, impact and attacks. Security doors are available in most hardware stores but they come in various degrees of effectiveness. Your best option is to purchase the security screen door from vendors that specialize in security solutions.

A man that weighs 189 pounds can easily launch a physical attack using 100 joules of force. When shopping for a security door, make sure that it can withstand multiple 100 joules impact attacks. A metal security screen door can withstand physical attacks as well as those using edged weapons, blunt instruments and screwdrivers. It must be sturdy enough to endure being pulled down from all its hinges, locks and fastening points.

Aside from enhancing security, it is a good idea to install security screen doors because they do not compromise the visual appeal of the home unlike the unsightly burglar bars. Families can still enjoy the view of the environment from the interior of their homes.

Unlike burglar alarms, security doors in Perth provide a more aesthetically beautiful barrier against forced entry. The security doors are the best form of protection that can be installed in the home or business because they can be integrated seamlessly without blocking the view. It is better to be proactive with security than having to deal with intruders when they have already accessed the home.