Useful Tips For Those Who Are Planning To Visit Saigon

If you are planning to visit Saigon, you have the option of hotels, guest houses and hostels ranging from the mid-range to the very budget friendly. However, if you want to experience luxury and quality service for a very affordable price, your best choice will be boutique hotel in Saigon where a world of art awaits you. You will get more value for your dollars because boutique hotels are less expensive than the hotel chains.

From the Tân Son Nhât International Airport, the largest airport in Vietnam, you can take a taxi to reach your hotel. Outside the airport, you will find taxis waiting for passengers at the left side. Taking a taxi is more convenient if you are not familiar with the place. There is also public transport like buses that will take you to the Ben Thanh Market, one of Saigon’s oldest landmarks.

If it is your first time to visit Saigon, you will be surprised by the number of motorbikes on the streets. If you are planning to walk, the streets are like an obstacle course where you have to dodge the motorbike traffic. Some of the most famous attractions are likely to be within walking distance from your hotel but before you start walking make sure you can handle the motorbike traffic and the heat.

Walking is certainly the best way to enjoy Saigon. Once you get hungry, you can buy delicious food along the route. You are guaranteed an incredible food experience that you will not forget. Do not miss the bánh mi or the Vietnamese baguette sandwich. You will see dozens of street carts selling different types of bánh mi stuffed with layers of pork, mayonnaise, carrots, pickles, cucumber and cilantro. The sandwich is also available in restaurants but you have to admit, it is tastier when purchased through the food carts.

The building of boutique hotel in Saigon is pretty distinct because it is inspired by art in all its forms. It is very rare to find a hotel that looks like an art gallery. The furniture is a combination of antique and modern with the walls surrounded by beautiful paintings and decor.