Use Of Modern Vanity Units To Remodel Bathrooms

Bathrooms need a lot of storage space to hold all the toiletries like facials, shaving creams, soaps, and other essential products. But bathrooms are the places that have the least space available for storage. This gap is filled by the vanity units. A vanity unit combines a sink and a storage cupboard.

Basin vanity units save space in small bathrooms. These units convert the overhanging space of the basin into a storage space. These vanity units are available in a variety of sizes and shapes to suit various decors and themes. For a super small bathroom like mine, there are wall-hung units which free up the tile space. These units are available in a variety of finishes like glossy, colored, stained, and black and white, to suit the overall design of the bathroom.

The vanity units have lot of options in doors and drawers. A vanity unit with drawers is suitable to organize personal hygiene products while a unit with doors is suitable to store towels and linens. I have a combination of doors and drawers in my wall hung unit.

The units are available in a variety of counter tops like stone top units and oak top units. Stone top units are easy to maintain as they tend to be water resistant.

The basins used in these units also come in different shapes and sizes to suit the theme of the bathroom. The basins are made of different materials like ceramic, marble, onyx and glass. I chose a glass basin vanity unit in stone top for its aesthetic value and the storage space it offered.

There are different types of basin vanity units like:

  • Self-rimmed basin – This basin is installed in the cut-out in the vanity. The rim on top of the sink holds it in place.
  • Under mount sinks – These sinks are installed from inside the cabinet and seamlessly fit into the counter top.
  • Vessel sinks – This type of sink is in demand at present. The sink looks like a separate vessel placed on the counter top.

I feel, basin vanity units are the best bet to save space and make small bathrooms appear bigger. These modern units combine functionality with aesthetics and are an ideal choice for remodeling bathrooms.