Trucking Industry As An Important Player In A Country’s Economy

Many people simple take the trucking company for granted except during times when they need its services to deliver products safely to a specific destination. It is a fact that businesses whether big or small are dependent on the trucking industry because without the trucks and drivers, goods will not travel from the airports, ports and railway stations to their destinations.

The first economic contribution made by trucking companies is the delivery of raw materials to manufacturers. From the mines, quarries and farms, trucks deliver the raw materials to factories that need the goods to produce different consumer products. Finished products once again travel through trucks to reach wholesalers and retailers. In some instances, the products have to be delivered to the airport, port or train station to reach other destinations.

Virtually every product travels through trucks from agricultural products, furniture, textiles, motor vehicles, coal, stone, petroleum and many more. A large scale work stoppage of truck drivers in the industry can easily paralyze the economy. Many people do not realize that if trucking companies stop their operations for 24 hours, critical industries will be severely affected.

An important part of the trucking industry is truck drivers. In the United States, there are more  than 800,000 truck drivers that collectively earn $30 billion a year. Small trucking companies operate on an operator-owner model where the driver is usually self-employed. Large trucking companies employ drivers that are members of unions that protect the interests of drivers.

Due to the size and importance of the trucking industry, governments have seen to it that the industry is properly regulated. Laws exist where truck drivers are restricted from using certain roads. Speed limits must be properly observed for road safety. Best practices and industry-wide standards are established to help shape policies and control the public image of the industry.

The highest level of care is guaranteed by the trucking company when the loads are time sensitive and valuable. The freight is sent using a dedicated truck that will travel directly from point of origin to the specific destination. Since there are depots all throughout Canada and the US, load can be delivered to just about anywhere.