Travel Tips For Myanmar

If you’re going to go somewhere, common sense dictates that you know a bit about the place you’re going to before staying there. If you’ve booked a hotel in Myanmar, you’ll want to read up on what to do when you’re there.

Here’s some tips to help out.

Travel now

UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites are great for protecting key places across the world, but that’ll also mean you can’t see Myanmar’s famous Bagan pagodas from up close. The country at large is also rapidly changing, so everything feels dynamic and alive, really worth visiting.

Book in advance

If you’re going to book a hotel in Myanmar during the high season, you’ll definitely want to book your  hotel room ahead of time. High season sellouts are pretty much expected in Myanmar, so you’ll want to book a couple of weeks ahead; doesn’t matter if you’re on a budget or a luxury traveller, you’ll want to book in advance.

Wake up early

Myanmar, for the most part, does have a nightlife. But if you’re in Bagan, then early morning is the time you want to be active. The sunrises there are picturesque, especially with all the balloons flying high in the sky. On the flipside, the area doesn’t have much of a nightlife, giving you incentive to hit the hay early.

Avoid the night buses, unless you’re feeling brave

Night buses are quite common because they save up on a night’s worth of accommodation, and you also don’t spend a whole day travelling. Sounds appealing, right? Well, the roads in Myanmar, admittedly, can be a bit rough and windy, which means that if the bus driver is a bit of a daredevil, it’ll be a bit bumpy.

On top of that, most night buses arrive at their destinations between 3am and 5am, with most hotels not allowing check-ins until 2pm, which means that you’ll be stuck there awake with your bags the whole time.

Use local currency

This one doesn’t just apply to Myanmar, but to every new place you’re visiting. While some shops do accept USD for transactions, most of them opt for the local currency; kyat, for Myanmar. On top of that, most of them won’t give you rates as good as currency exchange, which means that you’ll end up losing money. Have some USD in case you run short, but, whenever possible, opt for the local money.