Tips To Improve Your Content Creation Skills

Content marketing is a hot topic nowadays. Many are thinking of ways on how to increase traffic on their website, the difference between inbound and outbound marketing in terms of higher Return of Investment and how majority of the B2B marketers are utilizing content marketing.

The problem with creating the best content marketing method is that once you have devised one, you must be able to feed it constantly in order for it to thrive. There are many channels for content marketing such as using videos, white papers, text, graphics, infographics, e-books and images among others. These are then distributed using social media platforms, social graph and content management systems. The most important thing when it comes to content marketing is not the quantity produced but the quality of each.

Here are some ways to improve your content marketing skills and create more contents with higher quality:

  • The workflow should be as innovative as the ideas you are creating. Drake Cooper, an agency based in Boise, was hire by the Idaho tourism which is the official travel marketer of the state. It was then that they had a brilliant idea which is to commission high quality images and videos related to sceneries, attractions and people in Idaho. They now have an open source gallery where publishers from all over the globe can tap into and it also helps in their client’s campaign in promoting the state. The agency made it possible to have a space where all images and videos can be uploaded and stored.
  • Create more direct channels when it comes to communication. It is important that the design team should have a direct channel where they can communicate with the art director of the client. Passing on the task to someone else who is a non-designer might compromise the whole point of the design.
  • Set up a single system where everything is recorded. For an agency handling multiple client in content marketing, it is essential to have a single system where all published contents may be stored and checked back on in case of any reference or questions. This makes things easier and it’s not hard finding something that they are looking for in an organized system.