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Tips On How To Achieve A Perfect Paint Job In Your Home

Many people assume that painting looks easy enough and a few hundred dollars can be saved if professional painters are not called to do the job. However, mistakes can easily be committed if you are not experienced in applying a new coat of paint to your home. It becomes more costly and time consuming if the job has to be redone.

Painting tips from expert house painters

Do not apply a new coat of paint during the rainy season because drying time will be slower. If you have no choice but paint during a highly humid day, take advantage of slow drying paint so that you will have enough time to correct your mistakes.

Do not just apply paint on the walls; make an inspection of cracks, flaking and peeling areas. Perform some light sanding before applying the primer. You will end up wasting your time if you do not sand and scrape the walls. If the wall is greasy, you need to wash it with soap and water. If the wall is simply dusty, perform a quick wipe down with damp cloth.

If you purchased expensive paint, it follows that you also to buy high quality paint brushes, roller covers and painter’s tape. You certainly do not want to pinch pennies when your goal is to achieve a perfect paint job. Good paint brushes and roller covers will help you achieve an excellent coverage without wasting time on re-application. When it comes to sealing drips and blurs, a high end painter’s tape will do a good job.

Paint and primer combinations are commonly used when the walls have a clean and smooth surface. However, several years have passed before you decided on a new coat of paint; go for a separate primer to cover a challenging surface. Ask help from the salesperson for a realistic amount of paint that will be required so that you can buy all at one time.

Instead of stressing yourself in painting the home interior, a better option is to call a painter in Brighton who knows how to apply paint from the ceiling downwards without drips and spatters. Professional house painters do not leave marks and colour streaks on the painted surface.