Things You Should Know Before Visiting Koh Samui

If you have been to other places in Thailand but not Koh Samui, this article is for you. One thing you should know about Koh Samui is that the island offers a lot when it comes to nature. The place is beautiful, the air is clean and the beaches quite private because there is not much crowd. The island has something to offer to every type of tourist who came to see its wonders. If you are a party seeker, the island is known for its night life and night spots. There are many bars, clubs and restaurants to choose from. If your goal of visiting the island is to have some peace and quiet as well as to escape the city life then there are many accommodations to choose from where you can just relax and enjoy the scenery. Family traveling with kids will also enjoy the island because it has a lot to offer in terms of activities and famous landmarks.

For tourists who have visited Phuket before, you might notice that the prices in Koh Samui are cheaper. When compared to the prices in areas located in the northern part of Thailand, Koh Samui is more expensive. The local food is not as many as those found in Chiang Mai. If you have visited Chiang Mai, you may have remembered that there are many options when it comes to restaurants that offer vegetarian and organic menu but in Koh Samui, most of the restaurants are limited when it comes to local dishes and there are some western eateries scattered all over the island.

Interactions with the local might be different. Those who have been in the northern part of Thailand will say that the locals there are friendlier and always offer a smiling face compared to the locals in Koh Samui. Your accommodation in the island, either in a hotel or a luxury villa in Samui, should be well thought of because transport system is not very efficient in this part of the country. You will have to rent a vehicle or ride in taxis.