Things You Need To Remember Before Travelling To Thailand

There is something unique about Thailand aside from its food. For those who are traveling to Thailand for the very first time and want to enjoy adventure at its finest; be aware of several things before you fly to Bangkok.

Bangkok being the capital city of Thailand is hardly different from other cities of the world in terms of traffic and modern lifestyle. You can take a taxi to explore the city but it is suggested to try the tuk-tuk which will provide you with a better view. Don’t believe the taxi driver when he tells you that your desired destination is closed because it may be an attempt to divert you to another destination where he gets a commission.

If you want to save on transport costs, take public transport like the subway and Light Rail. Since you are not familiar with the city, use a map. The trains are clean and properly maintained with an efficient token system.

Never miss the opportunity to taste mangoes; it is the best in the world. When dining out, use the spoon for eating and not the fork. You are not in the West, eating with the fork is considered crude. Ice in restaurants is safe but not on the streets. To be on the safe side, buy bottled water or canned soft drinks.

English is widely spoken in Thailand but it will help to learn a few Thai phrases so that you can converse better with the locals. Never ask questions or talk about Thailand’s King; it definitely a non-no. When visiting a temple, look closely if others are removing their shoes and follow suit. Make sure you have a jacket to cover your arms when entering a temple, monastery or palace.

Some fabulous hotels in Bangkok with infinity pools can be enjoyed for $100 a night. A leisure hotel in Sukhumvit neighbourhood is a practical choice because it is near the subway and light rail system. Find a hotel that offers complimentary breakfast and eat your other meals in a restaurant. If you are adventurous, try street food that is incredible and delicious and totally unlike the Western version.