The Various Types Of Cremation Urns

Cremation is already getting increasingly popular compared to a burial. With this, the demand for the cremation urns also increased.

A cremation urn is a container where the cremated remains (cremains) can be stored. This is a way for people to keep their loved ones’ memories alive for the next generations, which is also the reason why there is a huge significance to buying that perfect cremation urn for a loved one.

However, this decision is very confusing, since there are numerous cremation urns in the market. This is a guide that is going to make it easier to choose a cremation urn which honours a loved one’s life.

The types of cremation urns

Keepsake urn

This is smaller in size where a small amount of cremains can be stored. This is usually preferred by people that want to distribute the cremains among family members or close friends.

Biodegradable urn

This type is created from non-toxic materials and environmentally friendly products. This is also a popular type of urn today. It is usually handmade and is going to get entirely degraded in time.

Companion urn

This is popular for storing cremains of two individuals. This is the best way to memorialise a loving couple’s life and to help them stay together even after death.

Infant urn

This type is for storing cremains on an infant or small child. Its theme is designed to relate to children, while keeping the young spirit alive.

Veteran urn

This pays tribute to any armed service member that has devoted their life in order to serve the country.

Religious urn

This one can showcase the religious beliefs of a loved one. Its design relates to the spiritual realm. There are several kinds relating to different faiths.

Pet urn

This memorialises a beloved pet’s life. A pet urn can be personalized or engraved to pay tribute to a loving pet.


To sum up, there are multiple options for Funeral Urns in Perth or in other locations. If you need to buy one, you can also consider your loved one’s personality, or their likes and dislikes. Then, you can choose the perfect urn to remember them in the future.