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The Things That Make For Good Reviews

Online reviews are the digital version of word-of-mouth, which means that they can make or break a business’s presence online. Naturally, it’s no surprise that digital advertising professionals like King Kong Sabri Suby pay attention to online reviews. They’re that useful.

But on the other end of the aisle, what makes a review useful? What are the elements that make a review ‘good’? Here are a couple of them.


Good reviews are detailed and specific, pointing out specific details, issues, and other useful information that other users look for before engaging with a product or service, as well as let brands improve and accurately measure how well they’re doing.

Mentions specific staff by name

Good reviews points out members of the business team by their name, which is good, as it gives the business a human element, while also motivating people to perform well.

Customers want to know that people; thinking, feeling, helpful people, will be helping them out.

Features content from users

Good reviews don’t just talk about good experiences from brands, products, and services, but also show these off.

By showing products and services in reviews performing in real-life situations, users get a better idea of how well something meets their needs, and help them make better-informed shopping decisions, which will result in better experiences overall.

Points out good customer service

In the US, companies lose at least US$75bn every year due to poor customer service. Naturally, the quality of customer service from a brand or business is a key factor for reviews.

A good review will go into detail about how a business ensures good experiences for people and users and this, in turn, will bring other people in.