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The Risks And Dangers Of DIY Braces

The increase of popularity of DIY braces made a lot of people consider getting at-home teeth straightening kits. A few clicks on the internet and you will find tutorials on how to use these kits and how to adjust them. Considering how cheap these kits are, it’s no wonder why a lot of people are encouraged to buy their own kit in the hopes of correcting their crooked teeth. However, the kits do not mention the risks and dangers that go with every DIY brace. Here are some of the risks.

Pain and discomfort

While it is normal to feel pain and discomfort as your teeth moves, they are at least moving in the right direction when administered by a licensed orthodontist. Buying a DIY brace that can only cost $60 can involve pain and discomfort as it moves in the wrong direction. The pain brought about by DIY braces administered by a licensed orthodontist will eventually fade away as the teeth are realigned properly.

Risk of infection

Because at-home teeth straightening kits involve nonsterile and unhygienic materials such as rubber band, paper clips, dental floss, superglue and hair elastics, among others, you can be sure that gum infections will eventually take place. You also do not know how your body will react to these foreign objects once they are introduced into your mouth. And since the movement of your teeth are not as they are not as they ought to be, there is a higher chance of infection to develop when the teeth bump against each other or when they push harder against the gums. On the other hand, if braces are administered by a qualified orthodontist, your teeth’s movements are properly guided, ensuring that they are safe and risk-free.


If braces that are administered by a licensed orthodontist have chances to move back to their original position, how much more for DIY braces? This is the reason why orthodontists recommend the use of retainers after braces. With at-home kits, they do not include retainers, thereby increasing the chance that your teeth will go back to their original positions.