Skin Care Mistakes That Keep You Away From Better Skin

Regardless of skin type, everyone wants to have a healthy and beautiful skin. If you would base your body internally, the liver is the largest organ but not all organs can be found internally. If you would consider the exterior of your body, then the largest part would have to be the skin. Your skin is does not only have to do with your appearance, but they also play a great role in protecting your body and regulate body temperature. The skin is an organ of sensation. It has an extensive network of nerve cells that enable you to detect or feel the changes in the environment. With this being said, the skin is one of the most important parts of your body and it is your duty to take care of it.

If you have wanted to have better skin but all you do does nothing to improve it, chances are you are doing something wrong. Here are some skin care mistakes that you might be doing.

  1. Sunscreen is not seasonal. One of the most common skincare mistakes that people do is that they think applying sunscreen should only be done during the summer. However, you should know that the sun shines everyday and during the winter, snow acts like a mirror that reflects UV rays. That means, you are more likely to get skin cancer or sun burnt during the winter.
  2. Take note of the expiration date. Some people disregard looking at the expiration dates of the skincare products they have bought and are using. Active ingredients actually lose their potency when exposed to air and germs. So if you have a product that you don’t know when you have bought, it would be better to buy a new product and ditch that current one.
  3. Your hand is constantly on your skin. If you are a picker or a popper or if your hands are constantly on your skin all the time, you should know that the hand has dirt and oil that can add to the mix of oils on your skin. When you pick or pop, you may actually stretch your pores and push the dirt or oil down deeper.
  4. You sleep with your makeup on. Doing so is a recipe for bad skin. Remember, your skin needs to breathe and it wouldn’t be able to do so when you sleep with the makeup on. Also, the makeup can clog your pores.

Lastly, it would be better for you to use organic skin care products Australia because they use all natural products without having to rely on chemicals that are harmful to your skin.