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Roller Blind Tips For Choosing And Caring

Interior decorating is important; how your home looks, feels and performs can be attributed largely to it. As such choices with regard to interior deco are made with careful consideration.

Windows are, oftentimes one of the last things decided on whenever a room is being decorated, but it is, ultimately, another key part of the room. It can and will make a big difference to the overall aesthetic of a room.

Now windows need something to cover them up, after all privacy is important and too much light is a bad thing. Curtains are a timeless classic, but blinds have become popular as the alternate choice; not all aesthetics work with curtains, after all. They’re quite fashionable and versatile, granting homeowners the ability to control the degree of light entering a room, and, in doing, grant control of shade, heat, and privacy. Every house is different, as such, every house has different needs. The important thing to remember is to figure out what your specific needs are.

To further help you with choosing in case you decide to get roller blinds from rods and blinds, here are some tips for choosing, measuring, and caring for your blinds.

  • Dark room?
    • First thing you need to consider is the room the blind will be in. If it’s a dark room, or a room that requires the most privacy, like a bedroom, the good choices are roller or roman blinds, which have variants that exist in fabrics and materials that help darken a room. These types of blinds have no holes or slits in the blind’s area to let light pass.
  • Humid?
    • If the blinds going into the kitchen or bathroom, rooms that have a higher level of humidity compared to the other, avoid using natural materials. Linen, silk, wood, these can rot or deform in humid conditions. Go for PVC, aluminium or faux wood.
  • Measurements, measurements.
    • First and foremost, decide whether or not you want your blinds in or out of the window’s recess. Outside means you measure the area you want covered. Inside means you measure across the width and the drop and use the smallest measurements. Remember to use a metal tape measure, the fabric tapes can deform, throwing you off. Also, use millimetres for your measurements, to ensure accuracy.
  • Keep it clean.
    • Remember, those roller blinds from rods and blinds aren’t going to do you much good if you don’t keep them clean. Regular vacuuming is important. Brush attachment on low, across the slats for venetian and pleated, downwards for vertical and roller blinds. If that fails, a mild detergent solution or alcohol free wipe, just make sure to avoid the direct application of a spray cleaner.