Reasons To Have A Honeymoon In Phuket

Undoubtedly, a honeymoon is an unforgettable event and one that you want to be perfect. If you are considering Phuket but are still in doubt, here some reasons to do so.

Phuket’s highlights

Luxurious resorts, long-tail boats and white sand beaches

Phuket is a mountainous and rain-forested island. It has very clear waters that is difficult to overlook.

It is a famous choice for a lot people because it has options for both luxury and budget travel which means that it suits a lot of people’s taste, preference and budget.

Shown above are the popular long-tail boats of Phuket.

Best season

There is an abundance of sun from November until May in Phuket.


When in Phuket, you can head to the south near Rawai or to the north-west coast. These places are where there are dream-like romantic hotels and resorts.


Phuket is the most famous island in Thailand. It boasts of its pure white sand beaches that are lined with palm trees swaying to the sea breeze’s rhythm. If you decide to choose Phuket, you must not miss the famous Phi-Phi island. This is only 45 minutes away. Aside from this island, there are nearby islands in Phuket which are a speedboat away, such as the James Bond island, Tachai island, Rok island, Similan islands, and so much more.

Romantic dining

It is very difficult to find bad food in Phuket, unless you don’t like herbs and spices. Phuket makes use of many spices like chilli padi, lemon grass and coconut milk. It is famous for its fresh seafood. Your chosen resort in Phuket can also design a romantic dinner set-up for you under the stars or in an intimate location.

Romantic activities

The usual activities which tourists like are cruises. With its warm sun, turquoise sea and its vast horizon, surely you will be captivated. There are numerous opportunities to do so depending on your preference.

Wellness experiences

Spa is very much synonymous to Phuket. You will be spoiled with choices as every Honeymoon resort in Phuket offers a blend of what each defines as great spa. There may be essential oils, aroma massage oils, tea bath soaks, etc.