Questions To Ask Your Marquee Company

Booking a marquee is an important step for an event; it’s the space for the event, it’s customizable for self-expression, etc. But don’t just go and marquee hire in Melbourne or anywhere willy-nilly; be smart about how you’re going to get a marquee.

To that end, we’ve listed some questions to ask a marquee company to help with picking out the right one.

Can we ask your other clients?

Other customers can provide you insight on the marquee company. They’ll tell you the quality of the service, how it all went, and they can even provide some additional info and advice for you.

Is it possible to see an erected marquee?

Think of this as asking for a sample product. Seeing a marquee set up will give you a clearer idea of what it will look like on the day of the event itself, as well as how it’ll look in photos.

What size do you recommend for our number of guests?

Tables, dance floor, DJ booth, stage. You need space in the marquee for all of this, and not just the bare minimum; you need space for people to enjoy themselves. Ask the marquee company for a recommendation, and work around that size.

Can you visit our venue and assess it?

Any self-respecting professional marquee hire in Melbourne and anywhere else should not only be able to visit and assess the guests’ venue, but also willing. If they refuse, then walk away and find someone who will.

Can you discuss the arrangements that can work in the space?

Whatever arrangement you’ll be using, you’ll want to make sure your marquee provider can provide advice, specifications and choices on your event and the space.

Do you supply the furniture? Can we see the items, or picture of them, at the very least?

If the providers supply furniture, make sure to get written proof of this, and talk it through with the provider in order to save money and avoid any unpleasant surprises when the event finally happens.

Can the marquee be opened up in hot weather? Can it be closed for stormy weather? Will there be heaters?

You have to be ready for whatever weather rolls in during the event, in order to make sure that the guests are as comfortable as possible throughout it all, no matter what happens.