Picture Ideas To Make For Father’s Day

Father’s Day maybe three months away but it is never too early to think of gift ideas. If you want something that is not readily bought at the stores, you can create simple projects and give as a gift. One of the best examples is to create a wall art. You don’t have to be an expert in painting or crafts. All you need is a camera that takes good quality photos, smartphone cameras will work too. An ounce of creativity will help you create the perfect personalized gift for Father’s Day.

All you have to do is take an original photo that will serve as keepsake for the dad or father figure you want to gift with. If you are not sure what kind of photos you should take, the list below will give you some ideas.

  • Classic portraits are still the go to photo of everyone. You can never go wrong when choosing this one and using the kids as the close-up subject. If you can’t take a proper group photo of the kids, you can photograph them separately and arranged the photos in a series of canvases.
  • If the receiver is fond of love letters, you can ask the kids to make handmade signs to be given to dad. Take a photograph of them holding the sign.
  • Not every kid is okay with the idea of a photoshoot, if your kid is not the type then you should think about an alternative. Capture their hand shadows or their actual shadows and put it in canvas.
  • If your kids are old enough to pose for sign languages, you can tell them to pose and sign the words “I love you”. Arrange them in canvases so that the message can be read properly.
  • If you think Dad will love some throwback memories, you can make use of old photos. It can now be enlarged and place in a canvas.
  • Take a photo of his favorite place and enlarged it. It can be displayed in the office as a reminder of good memories.

Cheap canvas prints are now available so you don’t have to spend an arm with these gift ideas.