Packing Tips When Going To Chartered Yacht

If you are always booking chartered yachts then you must know what you need to pack and bring during the trip. For first time travelers though, they are not familiar with packing. This guide is suitable for both beginners and frequent charter guests.

  • The most important thing you should bring when going to foreign countries for chartered yachts such as Thailand is your travel documents. These things include passports, visas, cash, credit cards and tickets which are vital for a smooth travel.
  • Your things should be packed inside soft-sided bags and not the hard-sided ones that are square-shaped. Boats have very limited storage space when it comes to luggage. The hard-sided luggage could edges of the boat as well as other wood trim. Once you have unpacked your things, a duffel bag can be easily folded and then stored. Soft bag with wheels should be used with caution when onboard so as not to cause damage to the yacht’s flooring.
  • Your bag should only be medium sized. Fill it with everything you desire to pack and then start the process of removing items until only half remains. Chartered yacht holidays do not require much especially when going to Thailand since the weather is warm thus warranting only casual clothes.
  • You should bring at least three pairs of shoes – street shoes for travel which you have to store before boarding the yacht, boat shoes which you will use while on board and the water shoes used for swimming especially in waters with sharp rocks and sea urchins.
  • Bring lots of bathing suits because you will be living in them while on the yacht. You just need a cover up and you can dine and do things in between without having to change every time.
  • Majority of the charter company provide snorkeling equipment, mask and fins. Make sure to ask prior to the trip so you can bring your own if they don’t have one.
  • If you are booking charter companies such as Far Away Yachting located in Phuket, Thailand which is a warm country, you still need to bring a lightweight sweater especially during months when nights are a bit cooler.