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Montessori Method: Advantages And Disadvantages

When it comes to early childhood education, there are many learning methods discovered over the years. One of them is adapted by Starbright Montessori which is the “Montessori Method”. This was established in 1907 by Dr. Maria Montessori. The method focuses on the child with activities that are led by child. These activities are termed as their work. The children learning under this method are taught independence. Just like any education method, Montessori learning has its own advantages and disadvantages.

The main advantage under Montessori Method is the hands-on learning in a beautiful environment. The classrooms are designed to have natural lighting with adequate space. These are very important parameters to attain the goal of the specific learning method. The children decide what they want to learn with the use of the classroom aids. They are able to learn through hands-on use of materials provided for that very purpose.

Another advantage in a Montessori institution is the social interaction among the students. This is accomplished by putting students of different age groups. They are presented the same learning environment therefore peer-to-peer activities are promoted. Because the children are not of the same age, they are able to learn from each other. It also fosters acceptance as well as inclusion.

When it comes to disadvantages, Montessori learning is more expensive compared to traditional schools. They make use of high-quality learning aids which require a lot from the school’s budget. The second disadvantage is that the curriculum is not as structured as traditional learning. This is due to the fact the curriculum follows the child based on their pace and the activities they can tackle.

These disadvantages can be overlooked because of the many advantages. Parents of students who are enrolled in a Montessori school such as Starbright Montessori said that their kids are more independent. They are able to have the creative freedom they need in their age. Compared to a traditional school, children in Montessori schools are able to hone their entrepreneurial skills which also improve their confidence. Lastly, they are able to appreciate the beauty of learning which does not end when they go out of the four walls of their classrooms.