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Latest Trends In Bathroom Tiles And Design

Bathrooms are facing huge changes, and Anna Thorpe features various innovations. Personalizing a private space like bathrooms is becoming more and more popular— so popular, in fact, that companies in the industry have established websites and you can visit them now to see their products and services, and even get a quotation.


Installations Made Easy

Bathroom products are becoming more and more advanced these years, and so an experienced installer is necessary to make sure that everything works smoothly. Installers and other service providers are now easy to reach, just visit them now on their website and see the wide range of services and products that you can avail. Some homeowners prefer to do the installation job themselves, and while this is a viable option for those who are skilled and brave enough to try, not everyone has the know-how’s, which is why consulting and hiring experts for the job is a common choice for many.


West One Bathroom, for example, is launching an installation service through Five Sextillion all over the nation. It was designed to provide end-to-end solution for installation projects.


Better Tiles

Claybrook may be a new name in the industry, but it showed great promise at it features design-led tiles on its showroom in London. The showroom is set to open in late September, and promises well-priced products that range from natural stones to decorative tiles.


Minimalist Look

Marco Williams Fagiolo, a designer, designed Effegibi’s Yoku sauna using a minimalist style. It was inspired by Japanese influences. It combines traditional and modern bathrooms, which isn’t something that customers often see.


The minimalist look has been gaining popularity these days, with a more modern appeal and sleek designs using uniform colours and interesting textures.


Classic Marble

Marble is a classic choice for many who want to achieve an elegant and sophisticated look. It could be used as is for a more traditional look, or mixed with other elements to create a more modern appeal.



William Holland, a copper-bath specialist, introduced a new finish called the Verdigris living finish. It is expected to evolve over time and change together with the shifting trends in the industry.