Illustrated Maps As A Marketing Tool For The Tourism Industry

The demand for reliable illustrated maps is expected to increase the need for cartography illustrator with the talent for creativity and skillful combination of architecture, geography and information. Cartographic illustrations are not tourist maps; they showcase the culture and personality of a location through drawings and artistic details.

One of the frequent users of illustrated maps is the tourism and hospitality industries. They use the maps to promote tourist destinations and local attractions. The illustrated map is one of the tools used for marketing and promotions because of their visual appeal.

It is common for hotel chains to use local tourist maps that include paid advertisements from restaurants, bars, entertainment centers and tourist destinations. A first time visitor to a hotel will appreciate receiving an illustrated map as a giveaway.

Aside from the tourism industry, local governments can also use illustrated maps to promote local attractions and destinations. A clear well marked map that highlights commercial and recreational areas can be used by travelers for way-finding and navigation. The landmarks and facilities that are highlighted in the area will help travelers find their destinations.

During summer, there are increased booking activities for caravans and camping trips. An illustrated map of a campsite will show the features and facilities available for families and groups. Once the visitor reaches the camping site, the map can enhance their appreciation of the natural environment. Maps can also be used by smaller campsites that are activity based. Trails for walking and bird-watching can be featured artistically in map illustrations so that visitors will be encouraged to explore.

Illustrated maps are indispensable items for a first time visitor to a place. Not only does the map serve as a marketing tool; it can guide the visitors to places they want to visit.

One of the most important marketing assets for a major travel brand is the cartography illustrator that can draw a map of a tourist destination. The technique used by the illustrator is to show a certain scene as it looks from above at an oblique view. While the map is not drawn according to strict scale, visitors can easily identify the buildings and landmarks that have been illustrated.