How To Use Bangkok’s BTS Skytrain

Visiting a foreign city is always scary that is the very reason why you need to get yourself acquainted with how things work in the particular country where you are going. Your next holiday destination is Bangkok and you can’t rent a car since you don’t know the roads well. Taking a cab every time you go out can be heavy on the pocket as well so your next choice is to commute through their BTS Skytrain. If you plan to do this, it is best to get a hotel near BTS so it will be accessible and you don’t have to walk far every time you need to go out.

There are three types of ticket depending on how long you are going to stay in Bangkok – single journey, one-day pass and the rabbit card which is a BTS smart pass for 30 days.

Single tickets journey can only be used once and recommended for those who are going to use the BTS a few times only. The ticket price is between 15 to 42 baht which depends on where you are going. If you have only a day in Bangkok and will be going in a number of places using the BTS then the one-day pass is recommended. For only 140 baht, you get unlimited rides for one whole day. Longer staying travelers can purchase a smart pass which expires 30 days from the date of purchase. It can be preloaded depending on the number of trips. Minimum is 345 baht for 15 trips while 50 trips charges 900 baht. Students can avail of discounts of they have accompanying proof such as a school ID. The car along with the remaining trips will expire after 30 days.

There is a ticketing office in every station for purchasing tickets or you can use the machine in front of the entrance. Remember that the machines only accept 5 and 10 baht coins. Bills can be changed to coins in the ticketing office. If you are staying at a hotel near BTS, it will be easier for you to travel all over Bangkok through their Skytrain and you will be able to avoid traffic as well.