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How To Make Sure That You Are Not Investing In A Forged Painting

Most novices in art collection start by buying what they like but as they gain more experience, they become sophisticated art connoisseurs. Of course, everyone has to start from being a novice even with art appreciation and potential investment opportunities. In a superior art collection, every piece of fine art has been chosen with care; nothing has been selected arbitrarily. Art collectors make sure that everything will be in place and they avoid choosing fine art randomly.


The Night Watch is one of the best if not the best creation of Rembrandt. At the heart of Rijksmuseum grandest gallery displays is the masterpiece of Rembrandt. It is a national treasure that commands a crowd of Dutch people and as well as visitors. For a skilled art connoisseur, determining an original painting from a forgery requires careful authentication. However, forgers have become skilled at recreating a likeness of a painting or sculpture that even art dealers and auctioneers are fooled.

Buyers of fine art are now educating themselves to know what to look for in an authentic painting. Reputable art dealers and auction houses are also taking extra precautions to confirm that a painting or sculpture is authentic. However, if you are a novice at art collection, you have to work harder to make sure you do not become a victim of fraud.

If you are buying from an art gallery, make sure to ask for the authentic receipts and proof of previous ownership. Certificate of Ownership is not enough because it can easily be forged by an expert criminal. Researching a piece of art is important before making a purchase decision. What period was the painting created and what were the materials being used during the era? Don’t be too excited after finally finding a painting you have been looking for. Emotions have no place when investing in fine art; always use your critical mind.

Because big money is involved in the purchase of paintings, make sure to work only with reliable art dealers like Parniani’s Fine Art to make sure you are not dealing with forgeries. They always make a professional assessment on the authenticity of a painting before it is offered to clients.