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How To Knit An Ugly Christmas Sweater

Christmas days are wonderful and colorful. From December every one of us will be busy in cleaning and renovating our homes, decorating the Christmas tree and shopping for decorations and clothes.

Many of us prefer to do something special for our family members. Just like making cookies, cakes, various deserts, knitting sweaters etc. Some people also spend time in creating gifts. One such special gift could be stitching an Ugly Christmas Sweater.  It takes time but gives immense pleasure when our loved ones wear it. For this you need to know about basics of knitting sweaters.

Knitting an Ugly Christmas Sweater is a tedious process. These sweaters have long and round neck, full sleeves and body fit. So you need to be careful in deciding the design and patterns. Before you start knitting it is recommended to take proper measurements of the wearer.

Few Tips to Stitch an Ugly Christmas Sweater

  • While stitching the neck
    • Start by creating a mark at the beginning of the round.
    • Without twisting the knitting join the round
    • While stitching neck you should combine various methods like 2×2 ribbing, crew neck stitching, mock turtle and turtle methods
    • For every 2 to 3 rounds you need to change the style of knitting.
  • While stitching shoulders you should decide the wideness you need before completing two rounds of back and forth stitching
  • After finishing of wideness divide the sleeves based on colors you want to use.
  • Maintain the same proportions for the second sleeve.
  • Keep marking the positions so that you can remember movement
  • The body parts is as usual. How we do in old traditional methods the same methods need to be employed.
  • Change colors according to the requirement
  • You can also stitch few ornaments and accessories on the sweater
  • Decide the color patterns before starting the process
  • Create a rough design for checking how the design and colors go together
  • Knitting an Ugly Christmas sweater takes a long time, have patience.

If you love knitting, making an ugly Christmas sweater for your loved ones is the most enjoyable task. The happiness when your children or grandchildren wear the sweater is unmatchable.