How To Create Your Own Word Art Canvas

One of the most trending artwork right now is canvas that comes with a favorite quotation. If you have the creative hand or blessed with a really good handwriting, you can do this at home for a more personalised word art. There are three ways in which you can do this project. All of them require a canvas of course. It is best to buy a canvas with staples located at the back and not the sides. You should also buy at least two different paint colors which are in contrast. You can either choose acrylic paint or a spray paint. A finishing spray, glossy or satin, is also required at the end of each project to make sure your artwork will not be easily damaged.

For the first project, vinyl stickers are used and it should be temporary.

  • Paint the canvas using the color you want for your letters. Leave it until dry.
  • Carefully place the letter stickers on top of the canvas.
  • You can now paint the background color you want for the canvas while the letter stickers remain where they are.
  • Make sure the paint is almost dry before trying to peel off the stickers with a tweezers.
  • Paint the edges of the letters using a small brush to smooth it out.

Second method is by using stencils especially if the background is more complicated than a single color of paint.

  • Paint the canvas with the background you want and leave to dry.
  • Use the stencil and paint a single letter with the color you chose. Any excess paint on the stencil should be wiped off. Leave the paint to dry completely.
  • Continue with the remaining colors once the first letter is dry.

The last method for personalised word art is through carbon paper transfer.

  • Choose your background color, paint the canvas and let dry.
  • Use your computer to design your quote and print it out.
  • Cut the words and arrange it on the canvas depending on your preference.
  • Each word should have a carbon paper underneath it. Use a tape to secure the two.
  • Trace using pencil. Remove the papers and tape after.
  • Use a small brush to paint within the words you have traced.
  • Leftover pencil marks should be erased.

Your Personalised Word Art should have a finishing coat after to make sure it will last a long time.