How To Choose An Illustrated Map Maker

An illustrated map has several benefits especially if you are visiting a new place. Apart from that, there are areas where maps are particularly important and this includes academic institutions, resorts and hotels, huge theme parks, development maps and other architectural or engineering projects. If you need specialized maps such as those with illustrations, it is important that you hire a reputable illustrator or illustrating company that can deliver your needed map. Here are some tips to help you find the right illustrator.

Uses proven and tested illustration techniques

A good maker of illustrated maps knows how to use various techniques in order to deliver an effective map. An excellent map is used with a combination of different techniques such as traditional and electronic techniques with a blend of water-color, pencil and ink illustrations. In other words, a good illustrator is expert in creating an illustrated map using different platforms and materials. This way, no matter how you want your illustrated map to be, the map maker can provide your need.

Check previous projects

Before hiring a map illustrator, check out his or her previous projects. You can ask for samples or you can visit the website so you can view the projects. You can also ask for the contact information of some of the illustrator’s past customers for feedback. Ask the institution from which the illustrator created the project and see how the map is being utilized by the owners. This is also one way of finding out if the map is still in good condition which means, its colors is still intact nor is it chipped and if the color are not yet faded. Check also if the materials used are made of high quality.

Trusted by customers

Another criterion in choosing a maker of illustrated map is its reputation. Only entrust your project to an illustration company that is known to be trusted by customers in the industry. You can check the illustrator’s website and look for customer feedback. You can also read forums and discussion boards to get more information about the illustrator.