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How Mirror Splashbacks Can Dramatically Alter The Ambiance Of Your Kitchen

Your kitchen will look sophisticated and classy with a mirror splashback that has gloss or brushed finishes. The glass used in the mirror splashback is not the ordinary glass you are familiar with; otherwise, it will crack when exposed to heat. It is made from toughened glass that can resistant heat of up to 400oC.

Mirror splashbacks are made produced through a special process wherein a mirror backing is applied to toughened glass. Usually, low iron glass is used so that the mirror will be brighter than the traditional mirror. However, during the toughening process of glass, minute surface imperfections often result but most of the time they are so tiny to be noticed. On the other hand, if you are not comfortable with imperfections, there are other options for your mirror splashbacks like brushed glass.

Brushed glass is scratch resistant and non-reflective. It has an acid etched surface that makes it non-reflective. It is becoming increasingly popular for homeowners because they have an option to the normal glossy finish. However, the matt appearance of brushed glass usually has a subtle difference to a shade. It has higher iron content that can significantly alter how colour will appear.

Lighter shades like white, cream and pastel are most affected and it is common to find a slight green tint to the colour. Darker and bolder shades are not particularly affected by the high iron content. However, no matter the issues with tint, brushed glass splashback can dramatically transform the ambiance of your kitchen.

Speaking of colours, if you will view the mirror splashback from the front, the colours are more or less the same as the back. But since the colours and designs are at the rear of the spalshback, there can be slight differences in colour because of the refraction and reflection of light.

If you are remodelling your kitchen, one of the important concerns will be the design of the mirror splashback because it has to complement your kitchen décor. Since there is a wide range of choices from the standard finish to the metallic finish and pearly shimmer, it is very easy to realize the dream design for the kitchen.