Guide For First Timers In Liveaboard Scuba diving

For people who are just discovering their love for scuba diving, going on a liveaboard is the best way to have the most opportunities in the water. It is also a more practical vacation alternative. There are many tourists choosing Thailand liveaboard diving because of the remote islands in the country. For first timers, there are a few important things to keep in mind.

First is to make sure that you are prepared for the liveaboard because the destination will depend on the diver’s expertise. It is recommended that one should have at least 50 dives before attempting a liveaboard holiday. Open-ocean diving is not a small matter therefore it should be done with enough experience beforehand.

Make sure to know about the destination to see if there is ice diving involved, it the water is cold or if there are shipwrecks in the area. Upon knowing, one must ensure that they have the proper training before attempting these kinds of locations. For those who wanted to get a certification once the liveaboard is over, arrangements should be done prior to the trip.

When choosing a location for the liveaboard, it is best to do some research before deciding. For instance, if the diver wanted to see specific marine creatures during the dive such as manta rays then there are a number of destinations to choose from. This is one of the information which can be found through proper research.

Before the trip, ensure that you have packed everything you will need while on  board. Do not forget to prepare your scuba gear. Making a checklist would help to keep track of everything you will need including gear maintenance. Check and chage all the batteries that need to be replaced and see to it that the reg has undergone servicing based on the specifications of the manufacturer. It wouldn’t hurt to have backup masks as well as a few fin straps in stock.

There are also Thailand liveaboard diving companies that offer scuba gears for rent if you do not wish to carry so much luggage or if your kit is not yet complete.