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“Gilt” Information Car Stationed At Kings Park To Combat Rising Theft Cases

Authorities are encouraging citizens to improve their home security in Perth, Australia, after increased cases of theft at Kings Park. To combat the issue, the police have placed an information car in the area to remind locals and tourists to keep their belongings safe especially around the area. A popular choice among tourists and local residents alike, Kings Park has become one of the largest targets for thieves who want to steal from cars.


Gilt Information Car

According to Sergeant Warren Ameduri, thirty-five to forty percent of thefts that happened at Kings Park that involved stealing from cars happen at the main car park. To remind visitors to stay vigilant, the police has introduced the “Gilt” information car, which stands for Gone in less than 60 seconds. It is a sobering reminder of how fast and easy thieves can get into their cars and steal their belongings.


Rising Theft Cases

Sergeant Ameduri adds that the park alone accounts for many of cases of theft from cars. He says that the thieves have figured out a system to do it quickly and easily. Many tourists would often hire cars during their stay in the area, and these cars for hire are easily identifiable to criminals. Driving a rental car, therefore, becomes a sign to them that the person is a tourist, and is most likely to be carrying a lot of valuable items with them. Tourists may not always be aware of the said problem at the park, but the crooks operating in the area have known this for a fact throughout the years.


Proper home security in Perth is very important, but with the rising theft cases in public spaces like Kings Park, local residents and tourists need to be more aware of their surroundings and more protective of their belongings. Authorities hope that the Gilt information car would help spread the word.


How the Gilt Information Car Helps

The Gilt information car demonstrates how to keep belongings safe while inside the car, and also presents a video showing how easily for crooks to smash the window, search the car, and steal valuables in sixty seconds or less. They also hand out dashboard display cars informing criminals that smashing the windows wouldn’t be worth it since the cars are empty already.