Getting to Know More about the Different Basic Types of Boilers

When you need to conduct boiler repairs by plumbers in Norwich, naturally, you would first need to determine which type of boiler you have. Of course, you can ask the professional you have hired to do that for you but it doesn’t hurt to help the repairman a little bit by informing him what he’s up against.

To help you out a little bit, here are the different types of boilers that you may encounter.

Basically, there are two main types of boilers: the Fire Tube Boiler and the Water Tube Boiler.

In a Fire Tube Boiler, hot gases would travel through a specific tube and the water in boiler, which is located in the shell side, will then be converted into steam. Usually, the steam capacity of fire tube boilers is relatively small that is why it is often only used for activities that make use of only little steam.

In a Water Tube Boiler, on the other hand, the boiler feed water is the one that passes through the tubes, as opposed to fire tube boilers wherein the heat passes through the tubes. The water is then heated by the combustion gases formed in the combustion chamber below the boiler and is then turned to steam. Water tube boilers are often used for activities that have a high steam demand.


Besides these two main types of boilers, there are also other specialized types.

The Packaged Boilers are basically boilers that come in a package, just like what its name implies. When one buys a packaged boiler, you would only need the steam, water pipe works, the electrical conduits and the fuel supply for it to be operational. Most packaged boilers are designed like a shell and are mostly of fire tube design. This is also the reason as to why fire tube boilers often come in a packaged construction. Its design, along with the help of radiation and convection, will enable the packaged boiler to achieve high rates of heat transfer.


There are still a lot more types but the three mentioned above are probably the only ones you should really know about.