Five Essentials Riding Gear For Bikers

Riding a motorcycle is risky. Using proper safety gear and riding accessories will help the riders to enjoy the rides without compromising on their safety. Most of the bike riders do not invest in the right accessories like helmets, riding jackets, gloves, boots etc. they find it a challenging task to shop for riding accessories.

The best place to shop for riding gear is the motorcycle dealership where you buy your bike. Most of the dealerships also deal with riding gear and offer the best motorcycle clothing and protective gear. Here are five must-have riding accessories.

Reflective riding gear

Motorcycle riders should invest in high quality reflective riding gear. The reflective gear makes it easy for the other motorists to notice the biker and prevents accidents. The jackets and other equipment should be highly reflective in order to protect the bikers in conditions of low visibility.

Airbag jacket for motorcycles

These jackets work the same way as airbag works in a car. The airbag jackets protect the most vulnerable body parts of the biker from impact. Bikers can also buy an airbag vest, which can be worn under the riding jacket to provide a layer of extra protection.


Helmet is the most important protective and safety gear. It protects the head of the biker from the impact of an accident. Riders should select helmets depending on the riding style and the size of their head. The full-face helmets are the safest helmets that are suitable for all types of riding.

Comfortable jackets and pants

Riding jackets are functional riding gear apart from being style symbols. Jackets are available in many materials like, textile, leather and mesh. Riders have to choose the right material and model depending upon the riding requirement. While lightweight crossover jackets are ideal for everyday riding in the city, thick leather jackets are ideal for long distance touring.


Boots art an important riding gear. Boots protect the ankles and feet of the rider and also provide support while riding. Riders should buy a pair of well-fitting riding boots that have anti-slip soles for maximum comfort and protection. All the reputed motorcycle dealerships that stock best motorcycle clothing have a wide collection of riding boots.