Creating Maps With Illustrator: Tips And Tricks

Adobe Illustrator is an effective tool in creating maps. This article will help those who are looking for tips on how to export maps that are ArcGIS and then opening them using the Illustrator in order to finish the mapping process.

The first thing to remember when exporting documents from ArcGIS is that they should be in PDF form. When using an Adobe Illustrator, the user has the option to transport map document that are originally in ArcGIS and transferring them into Illustrator. If this is not the route for you then you can also opt to install a plug-in called MAPublisher but it is recommended that an export with PDF as a result is better. It is used to be a good idea to export from ArcGIS in just the .ai file it came but it is not possible with the latest versions of the software. It is now found out that clipping groups will be created just like in the PDF format where there are clipping masks.

It is wise to choose PDF if the files you have contains complex vectors that needs to be present in the new format. If an AI is exported, there are limitations and some of the vectors and points might be removed. To make sure this does not happen in your document, ArcGIS exports must be in PDF form and it must be save in a high resolution to ensure that vertices remain as is.

The recommended dpi for this to work is at least 1000 and the quality must be at least one half of the print resolution in the final work. Your work will turn out quite well as long as you remember to choose the proper color space.

If you are planning to use text strings into individual characters then it will come as a challenge once in the Illustrator. To get around this, one should be able to use Maplex with the text before the file is exported. Another problem one might encounter is when changing the text’s location or deleting it. This should be quite easy when one knows what layer the text is contained. Illustrative maps are quite easy to accomplish with the help of other third party software.