Choosing Between New And Used Roof Tiles

Both clay and concrete roof tiles are known for being expensive compared to other roofing choices. However, keep in mind that that clay roof tiles have a lifespan of 100 years while concrete tiles could provide protection to the roof for 50 years or more. This means that it is still a wise move to invest on second hand roof tiles in Sydney particularly when a weathered appearance is required.

Homeowners are aware that the clay roof tiles and good quality slates made from natural stone can outlast the building where they have been installed. This incredibly long span makes used roof tiles worthy of an investment. When a building is demolished or re-roofed slates and roof tiles are salvaged from the property and then sold as second hand roof tiles.

It is common for clay roof tiles to be reused because their lifespan could exceed 100 years. Concrete roof tiles have a shorter lifespan at around 40, 50 or 100 years depending on the deterioration of the underlay, timber battens and fixings due to extreme weather conditions. The roof tiles that are still of good quality can be used for spot replacements on the roof but make sure that the colours match since it is very likely that the colour has faded over time.

Second hand roof tiles and slates are ideal for old buildings or heritage projects wherein the roof must blend perfectly with the surrounding buildings. The clay roof tiles and slates may likely survive the next 50 years or more because of their extreme durability.

However, a common problem often faced by buyers in the inadequate number of the roof tiles and slates available to complete a single roof. In the case of slates, there is often a variation in thickness and colour. Used clay roof tiles may vary in overall dimensions and profile shape.

Age is usually not issue with second hand roof tiles in Sydney because there is always a guarantee of durability. If there is great difficulty in matching the used roof tiles with the existing ones on your roof, there are clay tiles that were specifically manufactured to look aged and weathered.