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Choosing A Marquee Hire In Sydney For Your Party

Planning a party isn’t an easy task to do. You need to consider a lot of things including the venue of the party. You also need to find enough space to fit and shelter your guests. Luckily, there is the marquee hire in Sydney which can solve the problem. If you choose this marquee hire, the company you choose can work for you starting with setting up the marquee to tearing it down. Then you are left with other important elements of your event.

With so much planning done for the special event, the last thing you want to concern yourself about is not having a place to hold your event, or the facilities may seem insufficient. If you choose to hire a marquee, the provider can work with you including providing you the heating, lighting, the stage area, and more. The company will provide you all the things that you need once a marquee is installed.

Before the event initiates, the marquee hire in Sydney will gather all the details you need especially when the day of the event comes. Here you are asked about the number of people attending your event, whether it’s a buffet or dining area, the need for a stage or dance floor with live music, and so on. Once they know about the details, they will take care of everything and you don’t need to worry that something can be missed.

Marquees can come in various size – a smaller marquee will suit your private events held in the garden. If you’re planning a bigger event, there’s also a marquee that fits this need. The main concern you’ll have is where to install the marquee. The marquee hire in Sydney can help you provide some ideas and tips on how to choose the best marquee for your event.

The marquee that you choose can be open or enclosed, depending on what you need. All that you need is to choose the best location to install the marquee. Allow the marquee hire in Sydney to do their job, and you can see that it brings a lot of benefits especially for your event.


Your Complete Checklist When Planning A Wedding In Phuket

Planning a wedding in another country is not easy. It takes a lot of time and effort as well as money. There are a number of challenges that the couple might experience along the way and having a trusty checklist they can depend at from time to time will surely make the entire process a little bit better.

If you said yes to your Mister Right and you have always been dreaming about getting married in Phuket, this is now very possible. You have a lot of options at your disposal – you can wed at a Phuket wedding hotel or choose to have the ceremony by the beach.

It is not uncommon to hear women who have been planning about their wedding day since they were young. It is the goal of almost every woman to be able to experience a wedding they will never forget. The checklist below is specifically made for couples that decided to have a destination wedding at Phuket, Thailand.

It is important to choose a wedding style for your ceremony. There are many options available such as having a traditional Thai wedding, Western wedding, Buddhist wedding or choosing between a formal and an informal one.

The setting is the next thing you have to decide on. you can have your wedding in a tropical island, it could be held by the beach, in an exclusive villa or a local chapel.

The wedding month also plays a very important role. Remember that Phuket has a so-called monsoon season that happens between the months of May and October. This is why it is recommended that you should set your wedding date between November and March while April is considered the hottest month of the entire year.

Inviting guests to a destination wedding might not be an easy feat. The invitation should be sent out early in order to get an approximate number of people who are coming. From there, you will be able to decide if the Phuket wedding hotel you have chosen is big enough for your guests or you should opt for another venue.


Hiring A Catering Service For Your Upcoming Corporate Event

A lot of things have changed in the workplace over the years and that includes business meetings. Though the goal of the meetings are still the same, the way things are done have changed. Corporate events are now organized as a token of appreciation to each and every employee that is working hard for the company and it is also a chance to gather on their side a few high profile accounts.

This is why business meetings or corporate events in general are held with great resemblance to a party. There is entertainment provided while they take a break from the serious stuffs and corporate catering in Sydney is employed to handle the food and refreshments.

If you are in-charge of planning the entire corporate event, it is important that you have an action plan ready. It is important to heed the advice given by your chosen catering during the planning stage but it is also important that you make it clear the things that you want and you require in order for the catering staff to be aware.

If your business or company is holding a corporate event annually or regularly, it is best to hire a single catering company that will cater for every succeeding events. This way, things will be planned faster as they are already familiar with what the company wants and how to handle the serving during the event. An ongoing contract with a single catering service provider will also help the company save money.

Before anything else, counting the number of guests or participants for the event is important. This will give the caterer an idea on how much they should prepare based on your budget and the menu you are planning.

An open bar depends on the kind of event the company is holding. If there will be business meeting or seminars, an open bar is not necessary and could be a distraction. If it is a sit-down dinner to meet potential business partners, you can ask your corporate catering in Sydney to provide an open bar as long as it is within the company’s budget.