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What Make 5-Star Hotels In Saigon Successful

The growth rate of hotels in the world right now is significant in a way that it will give vacationists a wider variety of choice as to which hotel will give them the best value out of their hard-earned money. There are various factors that can lead to either the success or failure of a hotel. As a paying consumer, you have to learn to look beyond the room rates in making your final decision because not because the room rates are cheaper compared to others make it a good choice. And not because it’s one of the 5-star hotels in Saigon doesn’t automatically mean it’s worth the money. To begin with, Saigon is a city in Vietnam that is already growing into a tourist destination due to the fact that the city has some historical structures that can be traced back during the Vietnam War and back to the French colonization years. So there’s no surprise that hotels are already rising up left and right throughout the vicinity of the city.

If you are planning a vacation trip to Saigon, then you should consider staying at one of the 5-star hotels in Saigon especially if you want a total satisfaction during your stay. But what makes a hotel, a 5-star hotel? Below are some of the things that 5-star hotels in Saigon have that make them successful:

  • Attentiveness, being discreet and consistency are important things you must experience from a 5-star hotel. This means that the hotel staff will attend to your personal needs even without you asking for it. They even listen to your queries and answer with complete discretion.
  • Staff members inside a certified 5-star hotel will greet you by your first name. This is a good practice because the better the staff know about you, the better service they can offer you. In addition to this, some hotels are even taking note of personal preferences of clients, even down to their preference of chocolate whether they prefer dark or white chocolate.
  • If the 5-star hotel where you will be staying at offers to pick you up from the airport, drive you to the hotel and drive you around the city, then it’s a good choice of a hotel. Most 5-star hotels have transport services for clients which make them stand taller among the rest.

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Guide To Becoming A Successful Event Organizer

If you are planning to set up a business that offers conference management service, you must learn the trade inside and out to be able to hold successful events and make your clients happy. There are many things you can learn and improve such as the following:

  • Communication is the key. You should communicate with your clients regarding what they want and expect from the event. Make sure to discuss everything with your client before making big decisions. There are many instances of misunderstandings between organizers and clients thus every little details should be clear between the two parties.
  • If this is your first event, make sure that you learn from it. If you have been successful in something from a previous event, apply the same plan and route and make any necessary improvements in areas where you think you are lacking. After each event, you must dedicate time to reflect on things that worked according to plan and what failed. These notes will be a great help to you in future events.
  • Look at the venue and the event from the guest’s perspective. Walk through the entire event as if you are attending it so that you will be able to address what they need. As a guest in the event, one should be able to navigate easily, locate the toilet and refreshments with ease. Putting yourself in the guests’ shoes will help your desire in providing customer experience.
  • Remember to always keep your calm and do not panic in case something does not go as planned. This is why you must have backup plans in every situation.
  • Look at the bigger picture at all times. Make sure to keep an eye on trends as well as future opportunities. You must always look to the future to be ahead of the competition.
  • You must understand that your task as the organizer demands you to play a variety of roles. When providing a conference management service, you are the director, the creative team, the project manager, the critical thinker, communicator as well as the networker.

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Roller Blind Tips For Choosing And Caring

Interior decorating is important; how your home looks, feels and performs can be attributed largely to it. As such choices with regard to interior deco are made with careful consideration.

Windows are, oftentimes one of the last things decided on whenever a room is being decorated, but it is, ultimately, another key part of the room. It can and will make a big difference to the overall aesthetic of a room.

Now windows need something to cover them up, after all privacy is important and too much light is a bad thing. Curtains are a timeless classic, but blinds have become popular as the alternate choice; not all aesthetics work with curtains, after all. They’re quite fashionable and versatile, granting homeowners the ability to control the degree of light entering a room, and, in doing, grant control of shade, heat, and privacy. Every house is different, as such, every house has different needs. The important thing to remember is to figure out what your specific needs are.

To further help you with choosing in case you decide to get roller blinds from rods and blinds, here are some tips for choosing, measuring, and caring for your blinds.

  • Dark room?
    • First thing you need to consider is the room the blind will be in. If it’s a dark room, or a room that requires the most privacy, like a bedroom, the good choices are roller or roman blinds, which have variants that exist in fabrics and materials that help darken a room. These types of blinds have no holes or slits in the blind’s area to let light pass.
  • Humid?
    • If the blinds going into the kitchen or bathroom, rooms that have a higher level of humidity compared to the other, avoid using natural materials. Linen, silk, wood, these can rot or deform in humid conditions. Go for PVC, aluminium or faux wood.
  • Measurements, measurements.
    • First and foremost, decide whether or not you want your blinds in or out of the window’s recess. Outside means you measure the area you want covered. Inside means you measure across the width and the drop and use the smallest measurements. Remember to use a metal tape measure, the fabric tapes can deform, throwing you off. Also, use millimetres for your measurements, to ensure accuracy.
  • Keep it clean.
    • Remember, those roller blinds from rods and blinds aren’t going to do you much good if you don’t keep them clean. Regular vacuuming is important. Brush attachment on low, across the slats for venetian and pleated, downwards for vertical and roller blinds. If that fails, a mild detergent solution or alcohol free wipe, just make sure to avoid the direct application of a spray cleaner.
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How To Take Care Of Diamond Ring In Thailand

One of the most expensive jewellery is one that is made with diamonds. A diamond ring in Thailand can be quite expensive. Apart from the price that comes with it, engagement rings should be properly taken care of for its sentimental value. Wearing an engagement ring means that you are already committed to your partner and vice versa. To keep your diamond engagement ring in optimum state, learn how to take care of it properly. Here are simple ways to do that.

  • Remove your diamond engagement ring if you are going to expose your hands to harsh chemicals such as those that are used for removing stains in the bathroom or kitchen. Avoid abrasive materials and those with bleach when you are wearing your ring. Take it off before engaging in heavy work as it could damage the ring and the gemstones.
  • If you are going to engage in lifting or carry heavy items, remove your ring. Do the same if you are going to do some gardening at home.
  • To prevent your diamond ring in Thailand from getting scratched, store it in a cool, clean and dry jewellery box. Choose one with compartments to prevent it from grazing with other jewelleries.
  • If your engagement ring has gemstones, have it checked by a professional jeweller once or twice a year to ensure that the studs are still in their proper place. This is particularly recommended if the ring was subjected to hard impact.
  • Most engagement rings are made with gold or platinum. If you are going to have it clean the engagement ring by yourself, make sure that you are going to use specifically formulated solutions for gold or platinum jewellery. Use warm water, mild soap and soft toothbrush for cleaning the ring or any other jewellery that you intend to clean.
  • Be very careful when cleaning diamond ring in Thailand. Take note that even soft toothbrush can still scratch or damage the surface of the ring.
  • When rinsing the ring, make sure that you avoid rinsing it before the drain. To dry the ring, use clean and lint-free cotton.

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Presenting Power: Tips For Making The Best Out Of Presentation Software

A good presentation can make or break a pitch. So, you pull out all the stops to make it look good as possible; detailed chart, great documentation, and the PowerPoint. Of course, you can’t forget that; can’t let all that Microsoft PowerPoint training to waste, after all.

But how do you make a good presentation? What do you need to add to your presentation to give it that special je ne sais quoi that makes presentations so appealing? Well, these tips should help get your started.

  • Short, sweet, and simple. Presentations are horizontally oriented; in other words, it’s top to bottom. They exist as additional flavour to the real point of a presentation: the message of the speaker. Put it this way, they’re the icing, the message is the cake. The key is using the former to compliment the latter without the former overwhelming the other. That means your slides are as minimalistic as possible, they contain enough to get the main points across, which you then, as the speaker, will elaborate on. For a PowerPoint presentation, less is ultimately more.

    As a side note, if someone asks for your digital aid if they missed your presentation. Don’t give it to them. Having actual documentation is better.

  • Quality. As a continuation of the above point (less is more), use the best possible graphical material possible. Avoid cartoony clip arts, badly cropped images, or oversaturated vectors for your presentation. Go for professional looking images in your presentations. If the image is the main point, then have it occupy around half of the slide, if it’s secondary, adding a bit of blur and reducing opacity/making it ever-so slightly translucent will put more focus on the sharper text. If you’re using charts, pay attention to colour and emphasize what’s really important by having that portion of data be larger than the rest. Remember, space is limited; waste not.
  • Avoid templates. You need a visual theme for your presentation, but a template is not the way to get that. Remember, template, means mold or a source of a pattern, which suggests that your presentation is ultimately nothing special. You don’t want that. You want to be unique in your presentation; special. Do you need to be professional? Make a professional presentation. Inspiring? Make an emboldening presentation.
  • Colour does a lot of things; there’s even an entire discipline called colour psychology centered on what it can influence in a person’s mind. Cool colours, like blue or green, are more professional, and stand out less, making them great for backgrounds. Warm colours, like red or yellow, are more explosive, they’re more noticeable and energetic. Hence, good knowledge of both will allow you to control which parts of the presentation your audience focuses on; using warm tones for highlights, and cool colours for less important details.

Those were some tips for making the most of your Microsoft PowerPoint training, remember, that the key to the presentation is the message you’re trying to send. The visuals are there to help, and they can cover for your mistakes if they’re done well enough.

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How To Choose American Restaurants In Bangkok

While authentic Thai cuisine is irresistible, there can come a time that you would miss what you have been used to eat. When travelling to Bangkok, you travel to experience the place and all the uniqueness its culture offers. However, when your taste buds starts looking for an American dish, go find some   American Restaurants in Bangkok that will suit your discriminating taste. To find the perfect restaurant for you, take a look at these ideas.

Check the menu

When looking for a restaurant that will satisfy your cravings, the first thing that you should check is their menu. You can find it online or you can directly check it from the restaurant right after you walk in. While there are restaurants that offer various dishes such as Italian, Mediterranean or Asian along with American staples, there are also those that offer exclusive American dishes. To ensure that you would satisfy your American food craving, look for your favourite American restaurant franchise or search thru the web for specific dish preferences.

Consider the price

A single dollar is equivalent to 35.37 Thai Baht although this would vary depending on different factors that affect currency exchange rate. But in general, a dollar has higher value in Thailand which means that you can purchase more food while in Bangkok and there is no need for you to skimp to enjoy a delectable meal. However, if there are ways for you to save, you might as well grab it. Thus, choose among American restaurants in Bangkok that can satisfy your palate while remaining to be affordable. To save more money, look for promos and deals in your preferred restaurant.

Choose a good location

A nice restaurant does not only offer your choice of food but also makes these choices available for you in the most convenient manner. Going on tour in Thailand means that there are numerous tourist spots that you are going to visit so you don’t have to waste your time on the road. Choose one of those American restaurants in Bangkok that is close to your target destinations, more so, close to where you stay for easier access.

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Top 3 Benefits Of Hiring Removalists In Sydney

If moving to a new location with all your things displaced is not stressful enough; consider carrying furniture and lifting heavy boxes as an added burden. Other than packing and moving your things, what else can be more stressful than doing everything on your own? The good news is that there are professional removalists in Sydney who are more than enough willing to help you out. Removalists are in high demand among those who would transfer to a new place and require extra hands to make things a bit easier for them. Although you will spend extra money for it, the convenience you will get from the service compensates the minimal amount that you would have to spend. Take a look at these points.

Utmost convenience  

When you hire expert removalists, you get that peace of mind that your things are properly packed and handled by a team who are trained to do what you need to get done. The only remaining thing you need to do is pack your personal valuables and necessities for the first day or night in your new house. Pack away essentials such as toiletries, stuff your kids will need and a few clothing for the night. For the rest, let the removalists take care of it.

No need for physical strain

Removalists are needed if you have kids, elderly or individuals with you who have medical conditions that restrict them from engaging in physical activities. Remember that moving to a new house requires carrying huge boxes and lifting furniture. Without the help of removalists in Sydney, you would have to do heavy things that they can do.

Less stress 

Moving to a new house can be very exhausting especially that there are other things that need to be done apart from packing. By hiring professional removalists in Sydney, you will have a team to help you in such a way that the hassles of moving would be eased out. With removalists around, moving may not be as stressful as it already is. You can just relax and let the team handle things for you.


How To Choose An Illustrated Map Maker

An illustrated map has several benefits especially if you are visiting a new place. Apart from that, there are areas where maps are particularly important and this includes academic institutions, resorts and hotels, huge theme parks, development maps and other architectural or engineering projects. If you need specialized maps such as those with illustrations, it is important that you hire a reputable illustrator or illustrating company that can deliver your needed map. Here are some tips to help you find the right illustrator.

Uses proven and tested illustration techniques

A good maker of illustrated maps knows how to use various techniques in order to deliver an effective map. An excellent map is used with a combination of different techniques such as traditional and electronic techniques with a blend of water-color, pencil and ink illustrations. In other words, a good illustrator is expert in creating an illustrated map using different platforms and materials. This way, no matter how you want your illustrated map to be, the map maker can provide your need.

Check previous projects

Before hiring a map illustrator, check out his or her previous projects. You can ask for samples or you can visit the website so you can view the projects. You can also ask for the contact information of some of the illustrator’s past customers for feedback. Ask the institution from which the illustrator created the project and see how the map is being utilized by the owners. This is also one way of finding out if the map is still in good condition which means, its colors is still intact nor is it chipped and if the color are not yet faded. Check also if the materials used are made of high quality.

Trusted by customers

Another criterion in choosing a maker of illustrated map is its reputation. Only entrust your project to an illustration company that is known to be trusted by customers in the industry. You can check the illustrator’s website and look for customer feedback. You can also read forums and discussion boards to get more information about the illustrator.

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Do-It-Yourself Photo On Canvas Guide

As soon as I saw photos on canvas over the internet, I knew wanted to make one for myself and for my friends.

There were several methods that I tried. However, I was never really contented with the outcome.

With some trial and error, I eventually stumbled upon a great technique that worked out really nice. Plus, it was simple enough using an iron and a transfer paper.

So, I’m sharing a guide on a DIY photo on canvas.

Supplies needed

• Canvas
• Iron-on transfer paper
• High resolution pictures to be printed on the iron-on transfer paper
• Screwdriver
• Pliers
• Iron
• Staple gun
• Mod Podge clear acrylic sealer

The Steps

Step 1. You will begin with printing out your chosen high-res picture on the iron-on transfer paper. Note that the image needs to be flipped horizontally in any photo editing application like Photoshop prior to it being printed out (since after ironing it on, the picture will get reversed.

If your canvas size is bigger than the standard paper size which is 8.5″ x 11″, you have to print another section to stitch them together. More on that later on.

Step 2. Remove the staples which are found at the canvas’ back with a screwdriver. Then, make use of pliers to pull the staples out.

Step 3. Take off the canvas from its wood. Use your hot iron to eliminate kinks to flatten it.

Step 4. Put the printed image face down to the canvas’ front.

Step 5. If the canvas is bigger as mentioned in step 1, stitch them together using a clear tape to tape them together.

Use again the hot iron to iron the printed image to the canvas. Do this for around 5 minutes or more.

Step 6. By starting at the corners, slowly pull off the transfer paper. If you notice that a part of the image still remains on the paper, iron it again.

Step 7. Use the staple gun to staple back the canvas to its wood.

Step 8. Finally, use the Mod Podge clear acrylic sealer by spraying it to the canvas.


I promise you, once you have successfully created your first one, you will get addicted to these Photos on Canvas. Enjoy!


How To Choose A Company For Tile Stripping In Perth

You would need tile stripping in Perth for various reasons. Whether you are replacing old flooring for a more updated one or you want a replacement for chipped and damaged floors, you would need reliable technicians to do the tile stripping for you. To find the right tile fitter, you can start your search at the different companies that specialize in tile stripping and concrete floor removals. You can find these companies on the internet and even in your locality if you would just ask around for more information. Here are some things that you should pay particular attention on when checking on a tile stripping company’s website.

State-of-the-art machinery

One of important details that you should check when looking for a tile stripping company is the type of machinery that they employ for the job. It is essential that they use safe and highly effective machinery to prevent damage on your structure. They should also utilize the latest techniques in tile stripping in Perth in order to ensure that their customers will get high satisfaction for every job they deliver.

Qualified technicians

You should also look for a company with technicians who are qualified and highly trained. This way, you can be sure that not only are they equipped with the latest tile stripping methods, they can also deliver quality results. Always ask for license and liability insurance before you sign up for a service with the company. You can check on the company’s gallery for their projects on their website.

Competitive service rates

There are several tile stripping companies on the internet but you should choose one that offers the best value for your money. Avoid companies that offer the lowest rates because you cannot be sure of the results. Instead, go for a company for tile stripping in Perth that guarantees service reliability at a competitive price. You can ask for cost estimates to help you decide where you are going to get tile stripping services. Ask for quotes from at least five tile stripping companies for comparison purposes.

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Important Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Tree Specialist

Most of the jobs related to caring a tree are dangerous and requires to expertise of a professional in order to make sure that the tree remains healthy. If you know that you cannot handle tasks that require you to climb a tree, do not hesitate to call an arborist. Working in an elevated area should only be done by individuals who have undergone the appropriate training and knows the proper protection required because there are a lot of risks involved including homes, buildings, neighbouring fences, wildlife and wires. To make sure you are hiring the right tree care professional, here are some important questions you need to ask them.

  • Before the project starts, ask if they are going to show you a copy of their latest certificate of insurance as well as provide a work contract? This is very important and should be asked first. Make sure that the professional you are hiring is insured and you have no liability when it comes to accidents, injuries or damages.
  • What are the company’s credentials? It is ideal to hire a company that has been awarded a certificated by the International Society of Arboriculture or ISA or an accredited business by the Tree Care Industry Association or TCIA. There are also companies under the CTSP or Certified Tree Care Safety Professional. If the tree that needs to be serviced is close to electrical conductors, you should hire an arborist that has approved Line-Clearance.
  • Will they provide you references? A company that has dealt with satisfied customers before will be happy to share a list in order for future customers to use as reference. The list should include recent clients, possibly a month or so and not years ago.
  • Can they provide you with a detailed estimate of the task that needs to be done? Choose from the top three companies on your list and ask for a written estimate. This way you can easily compare which one is better.
  • What methods are they going to use to get the job done and the equipment they are going to employ? When getting tree services in Perth, homeowners must know what equipment will be used to avoid conflicts. If they are going to use huge equipment then you must know to let them know where they can place them so as not to cause damage in your property and landscape.

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Tips When Preparing For A Big Event Without Being Too Stressed

You have planned and prepared everything for a party to make sure it is a success. The drinks are ready to be mixed and the DJ is only waiting for your signal to start the music. You have sent out invitations to hundreds of guests and made sure there are enough tables and chairs to accommodate everyone. Your party attracted a very large crowd that you have to entertain but you have to check the food and beverages and see to it that everyone is enjoying. How about yourself? You are too tired and stressed to enjoy your own party.

The amount of preparation for a large event is different from the simple birthday party of your kids where the invited guests are mostly family and close friends that do not need to be entertained. When planning for an event it is important to consider the venue whether it will be held outdoors or inside a hotel events room. If it is an open-air event, you have to consider a one-stop shop for your party needs. Aside from the marquee, they can also provide furniture, equipment and décor ideas so that the space will look as nice as possible.

Once you have found a venue to your liking, make sure a contract is drawn and a date decided on. Make sure to book the venue in advance particularly during peak season. If you are holding an outdoor event, make sure it is not too far from the roads and there is ample space for parking. Guests will be discouraged if they have to walk miles to reach the venue. Remember to put everything down into paper particularly the costs involved in rent, lighting, sound system, security, cleaning and generator to have peace of mind that the event will not go over the budget.

An option for those planning for an event is Party Hire in Melbourne that is well equipped and prepared to ensure that the event will be a success. Party hire can cater parties of all sizes whether it is a simple birthday party, wedding reception, anniversary or a corporate event.