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A Wonderful Dive Experience On A Similan Islands Liveaboard

If you’re traveling to Thailand and want to see manta rays and whale sharks, you should go for a Similan Islands liveaboard to enjoy. Surely, you’ll have an incredible experience when you come visit some of the most magnificent dive spots in the country.

Why Dive at the Similan Islands?

The Similan Islands has nine breathtaking granite islands, situated in the Andaman Sea, about 40-miles from the mainland of Thailand. It was declared a national park in 1982 to protect the distinctive habitat. In 2014, the two islands of Koh Tachai and Koh Bon were included in the national park. The Thai government has restricted access to many islands and beaches for protection of the wildlife on the islands. Furthermore, they prohibited commercial fishing and sport fishing in some areas.

If you’re going for a Similan Islands liveaboard, you can visit the dive spots and watch the various landscapes and vibrant marine life. You’ll see the magnificence of the underwater, which is home to hard and soft corals. Also, you need to come here between November till May, as the seawater is calm at this time of the year.

Why Go for a Liveaboard Trip?

Whether you’re a beginner diver or professional diver, you can board a Similan Islands liveaboard and go diving the seawaters of the Andaman Sea. Depending on where you will go, you can spend three to ten days of diving, with four to five dives per day.  It’s mandatory though to complete a PADI Advanced Open Water certificate due to the depths of the dive sites, but you don’t need many years of experience just to dive.

Why go for a liveaboard dive trip is to be able to visit the remotest and the best dive spots of Thailand. The trip is more extensive than regular day trips. Here you’ll be spending evenings closest to nature while gazing at the stars. You also get to know more divers who share a similar diving experience as yours. When you go for a Similan Islands liveaboard, all you ever do is dive, eat, sleep and do the same thing the next day. However, you get yourself amazed at the magnificent scenery of the ocean in a full-service boat.

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Reasons To Get A Dive Instructor Course In Thailand

Being a dive instructor involves a lot of responsibility as it deals with challenging activities underwater involving the lives of the students. Proper training is required before one can become a certified dive instructor.

Diving enthusiasts find it easy to enrol in a dive instructor course in Thailand because diving is already their passion. They have the edge than those still learning how to dive. There are several reasons why diving fanatics want to enrol in a dive instructor course in Thailand that has now become popular. The reasons are good enough to justify why being a dive instructor is an exciting profession to get into.

  1. Earn while traveling

You can fund your travels because you can earn in places where you go by being a dive instructor. Your time is flexible if the demand is not too tight. You can also discover and explore different amazing dive sites in the places that you go to. This profession is exciting while having the opportunity to meet a lot of people in various cultures.

  1. Become a confident and skilled diver

The course will enhance your skills as a diver as well as on how you manage your student divers. It’s not just honing your diving skills, but also learning more about Physics, Physiology, dive equipment, reading tides and currents, the environment and the ocean, mapping dive sites, and enhancing essential CPR and rescue skills.

  1. Meet like-minded people from around the world and work with them

You will have the opportunity of meeting incredible people from different countries of the world and learn from their cultures. Increasing your acquaintances is an interesting thing because it will give you the opportunity to visit their places.

  1. Be like a native resident of the place

Being a dive instructor will allow you to experience the magnificent beauty of the place. Unlike common tourists who just drift from one place to another, you want to discover places and learn what exactly are their attraction and selling point.

  1. Encounter with marine life

Diving frequently allows you to have magnificent encounters with marine life. This experience is priceless and will always be part of your story.

So much exciting reasons can still be added to the mentioned ones. All are worth the time and energy you spend in the dive program.