Some Mexican Dating Traditions To Know Before Meeting And Dating Mexican Women

Mexico is a traditional country. Most of the Mexicans live with their extended families and are quite religious. The dating traditions in Mexico are governed by the catholic values since most of the Mexicans are practicing Catholics.

Men who are planning to visit the country to meet Mexican women and date them should acquaint themselves with the dating traditions of the country. Some important Mexican dating rules and traditions for men interested in Mexican women.

  • All the relationships in Mexico, start with the men pursuing the women. Women never take the lead and propose to the men. The women flirt from far and wait for the man to approach them and ask for a date.
  • Chivalry is the most desired characteristic in men. Be chivalrous and act like a gentle man when you meet Mexican women. Men are expected to propose a date, shower the woman with gifts and compliments, open doors, offer chairs, pay the bill and drop offthe woman at home. Mexican woman fall for well-mannered and chivalrous men.
  • Pirepo is a popular dating tradition in Mexico and other Spanish countries. Men make flirtatious comments and call them with endearments such as “mi Amor”.
  • Sereneta is another popular dating tradition. Men are expected to arrive at the home of their Mexican girlfriend with a guitarist and sing to her. If the women likes the suitor she comes out and accepts the proposal. If the woman is not interested, the family pours water on the suitor.
  • Remember to pay the bill, whenever you meet Mexican women and take them out for a date. Women also expect a lot ofgifts like flowers, chocolates etc. from their partners.
  • Mexican women are traditional and conservative. They wait for a serious relationship before getting physically intimate. Do not push yourself or try to force your Mexican girlfriend, this will ruin or end your relationship.
  • Most of the Mexican women are attached to their families. The women live with their birth families until they get married. Meeting the family and impressing them is an essential task of Mexican dating tradition. Though most of the Mexican women speak English, the older members of the family cannot understand the language. Try to learn some Spanish, if you intend to meet Mexican women and get into a serious relationship with them.