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Helpful Info For Choosing Your Car Seat Covers

Your car’s factory-spec seats are good and comfy, sure, but, over time, they’ll age. And, as they age, they’ll degrade, and their performance will worsen. They’ll look dull, feel less comfy to sit on, and other detrimental effects.

This is why seat covers, whether they’re custom seat covers or just ordered ones, are popular. They protect your car seats, give your interior a personalized look, and can even hide any existing damage to the seats. They’re great.

But, with so many options to consider, how does one go about choosing custom seat covers for their car? Well, here’s a few things to consider.


  • Neoprene: Made of the same stuff as scuba suits, they’re resistant to pressure, temperature, and moisture, offering the best protection for your seats. Perfect for off-roaders and adventurists who don’t mind getting a bit of dirt on them.
  • Velour: Made from polyester or cotton, this fabric provides a plush, knitted appearance and a super-soft finish. Not that water resistant, but stylish and comfortable.
  • Leather: Perfect for colder climes, leather doesn’t absorb spills; keeping the liquid on top of their surface. Problem is, heat and leather don’t mix.
  • Canvas: Perfect for those with more active lifestyles, this cover lasts a while and is hard-wearing. This stuff can handle rough handling, and rough weather. It’s also rather comfortable and pleasing to the eye, while being tight-fitting. Perfect for those with kids or pets. Or both.


There’s a few things to consider about the size of your seat covers. If there are any peripherals (airbags, armrests, DVD players, built-in screens, etc.) you need to consider these things for choosing sizes.

  • Size 90: front high backbenches
  • Size A: for vans and utility vehicles
  • Size 06/06H: Comes with three different headrest covers for adjustable headrests. They don’t work well for armrests or folding seats, though
  • Size B/401: Covers 3/4th of the bench, as well as front bucket seats. Allows for adjustable headrests, but no cutouts in the 3/4th of the bench for the gear stick.
  • Size 30A/30 Deploy Safe: Perfect for airbags, particularly those in the front seat. Mandatory if you have seatbelts.


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Useful Tips When Buying New Car Tires

It is easy to buy tires for your car but finding the right ones can be difficult. If you buy the wrong tire, it can affect the car’s performance and its ability to tackle different weather conditions. There are all-season tires that can deliver good performance but they cannot be described as impressive.

There are tires for all seasons which are cheaper than buying a set for winter and another for summer. Summer tires can handle dry and wet braking but they are rather poor when it comes to snow traction. Winter tires have outstanding snow traction but their braking ability is only fair when it comes to cleared roads. In simple words, no single tire type can be considered outstanding for all weather conditions.

Retailers of tires have websites where you can find a list of tires available for your needs. All-season tires come with S and T speed ratings. Performance all-season tires come in H and V speed ratings. It is common to find performance all-season tires on new vehicles with upgraded wheels. They have better cornering grip than the S and T speed rated all-season tires. Ultra high performance all season and summer tires come in ZR, W and Y speed ratings. These tires are usually found on sports cars and performance sedans.

When buying a tire it is important to check the owner’s manual or the placard located on the driver’s side door jamb for the recommended tire measurements. The label usually looks like this: P215/60R16 94T. The first part P215/60R16 means the tire’s various measurements in width and diameter. 94 means the load index or how much weight each tire can support. T means the speed rating or the tire’s maximum speed in relation to load index. You can choose a tire based on the recommended measurements but you also have the flexibility to go higher with speed rating and load index.

It is common for car owners to opt to for direct replacement tires when the car is relatively new. After a few years, they are more inclined to switch to other brands with better performance and price. Once you have made a choice, look around for better deals.

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Why Shift To Tyres In Brisbane When Your Tyres Age

The tyres of your car will take you to the roads; that’s why you need it in good quality and well-maintained. The tyres will ensure your safety, efficiency and a comfortable motoring while down the roads. For this reason, you need to choose tyres in Brisbane that are durable and in high-quality. These tyres will ensure longer life while you drive safely and securely in your car.

But just like any other component in your car, the tyres will wear out over time and will have the need for replacements. The serviceability of your tyre will greatly be affected by its exposure to sunlight and other storage conditions; the way you speed your car; the load of people riding it; and, other driving styles.

Just like what many vehicle experts and authorities say, drivers need to pay close attention to the external appearance of their tyres. They need to consider the loss of inflation pressure, abnormal vibrations, noises and steering pull that need to replace the tyres. With this, you need to choose tyres in Brisbane carefully and selectively, so you make easy replacements whenever required.

Specialists recommend that tyres must be changed every five years or more of constant usage. It’s also suggested that the tyres will be inspected at least once a year. This will ensure that the tyres are well-maintained after they are purchased. If they need to be changed, have them replaced with recommended tyres in Brisbane as suggested by the vehicle manufacturer.

You also need to know the type of tyres you can install properly onto your vehicle. Choose new tyres that fit the sizes and specifications of your car. Especially when the tyres are a couple of years old, it’s now time to buy a new one for spare. You may even buy older or second-hand tyres that can still run with the car safely.

To protect the tyres in Brisbane that you have purchased, ensure that you keep them in a cool, dry environment away from direct sunlight. You may also wish to keep it from electric motors and other sources of ozone that may devalue the rubber of your tyres.

When the tyres are properly stored, you provide dynamic performance, comfort and durability to keep you and your passengers safe as you drive down the roads of Brisbane.


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“Gilt” Information Car Stationed At Kings Park To Combat Rising Theft Cases

Authorities are encouraging citizens to improve their home security in Perth, Australia, after increased cases of theft at Kings Park. To combat the issue, the police have placed an information car in the area to remind locals and tourists to keep their belongings safe especially around the area. A popular choice among tourists and local residents alike, Kings Park has become one of the largest targets for thieves who want to steal from cars.


Gilt Information Car

According to Sergeant Warren Ameduri, thirty-five to forty percent of thefts that happened at Kings Park that involved stealing from cars happen at the main car park. To remind visitors to stay vigilant, the police has introduced the “Gilt” information car, which stands for Gone in less than 60 seconds. It is a sobering reminder of how fast and easy thieves can get into their cars and steal their belongings.


Rising Theft Cases

Sergeant Ameduri adds that the park alone accounts for many of cases of theft from cars. He says that the thieves have figured out a system to do it quickly and easily. Many tourists would often hire cars during their stay in the area, and these cars for hire are easily identifiable to criminals. Driving a rental car, therefore, becomes a sign to them that the person is a tourist, and is most likely to be carrying a lot of valuable items with them. Tourists may not always be aware of the said problem at the park, but the crooks operating in the area have known this for a fact throughout the years.


Proper home security in Perth is very important, but with the rising theft cases in public spaces like Kings Park, local residents and tourists need to be more aware of their surroundings and more protective of their belongings. Authorities hope that the Gilt information car would help spread the word.


How the Gilt Information Car Helps

The Gilt information car demonstrates how to keep belongings safe while inside the car, and also presents a video showing how easily for crooks to smash the window, search the car, and steal valuables in sixty seconds or less. They also hand out dashboard display cars informing criminals that smashing the windows wouldn’t be worth it since the cars are empty already.

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Why Prefer Weathertech Car Covers

If you want to protect your vehicle from damage, choose Weathertech car covers to keep it in outstanding shape. A damaged car will definitely not look good and can reveal various problems of the vehicle. The best way to protect your car if you don’t have adequate space for parking is to utilize an auto car cover. However, you need to choose a car cover that fits your needs, especially when protecting it from outdoor elements, such as the UV rays, dirt and other particles. So, here are some points to

Know What You Need for Protection:

So, find out what your protection requirements are? If the vehicle needs to be parked outdoors, you’re needing to protect it from so many things. Even if you have a garage to park your car, you can still have the need for a car cover for protection. It can safeguard against from damages to your vehicle indoors.

If you keep your car outdoors, you need to consider a number of things. The first to affect your car is the climate or weather. The worst disaster to experience is hailstorm, which can damage your windshield, windows and make dents on your expensive car. For protection, you need to invest in Weathertech car covers to safeguard your car from damages and dents.

Outdoor vs. Indoor Covers:

People should never leave their car unattended especially when it’s parked outdoors. Even if it’s parked indoors, you will need an auto car cover to protect against dust, which may be coming in to your vehicle. Some cars may also acquire some scratches by accident. It should happen if they are carrying something that can cause a scratch or dent to the vehicle. Moisture can also affect the vehicle and will need Weathertech car covers. If you have a durable type of car covers, you increase the chance of being protected against outdoor or indoor damages.

Choosing the Material and Style:

Weathertech auto car covers can come in various fabrics that will fit your needs. The material to use will have to depend on whether the vehicle is parked outside or inside and the type of weather it will have to face. If your vehicle is exposed to hot temperatures and direct sunlight, you need a car cover that’s UV resistant and comes with breathability.