Bangkok At Night

As a left my value hotel in Sukhumvit, I was expecting the sounds of Bangkok’s nightlife to come at me full-force. It most certainly did not disappoint.

I was expecting people on the streets, stores lit up, and the aroma of food dominating the air. Make no mistake, I got what I expected, but there something else. Something palpable. There was this energy, forgive me, I’ve no other word for it, but it was there. These people weren’t just passing by, the nighttime streets, coated in neon lights and sprayed with the scent of street foods; it was their destination. The Bangkok night streets welcomed them with open arms, of course, and it welcomed me just as warmly.

I’m going to take a step back a bit, remember how it was this afternoon. Bangkok isn’t that different from any other major city in the daytime. Return to my value hotel in Sukhumvit after getting some groceries, everything was quiet. Well, not completely, but the sounds of afternoon Bangkok are a dime, a dozen in a major metropolitan area much like it. It was lively, sure, but not notably so. When you live in a city like that, your body attunes itself to those noises, to the point that you can shut them out with no effort.  In this regard, Bangkok was pretty generic; forgettable. At night, however, it was a totally different story.

I can say, with reasonable certainty, that Bangkok is a nocturnal city. Nighttime in Bangkok is energetic, nowhere is that more so than in Sukhumvit. Located in the middle of it all, the nexus of Bangkok’s nocturnal attractions, Sukhumvit is a shining beacon amidst the night sky. The streets are packed, you’d be lucky to swing a cat in these streets, but it isn’t that bad, honestly. Most of the space, you see, was occupied by a myriad of shops, most of which sell food. Really good food, too. The kind whose mere aroma is enough to make you salivate. Bangkok nights had a lot to offer.

But, I’m afraid to say, that’ll have to wait.