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3 Simple Tips to Help Beginning Photographers

Life may be a long and winding road filled with humps and stopovers but the whole experience of it is too beautiful for you to not be taking pictures. Every day, people make new memories. Some are good while some are not so good. But for the special moments that turn into wonderful memories, they are the ones you want to capture the most and treasure. Cameras can do that. They can capture the best of the memories and preserving them for you to look back on in the future. So if you have just bought a camera for yourself to face the world and capture the moments worth saving, you should know that it’s not as easy as it may seem. It’s not just a simple ‘position the camera then click’ like what you may be thinking. If you are just starting with photography then there are some things you would need to remember.


  1. Do not worry too much about the quality of your digital camera. Sure there are cameras that may be more advanced than others but what you should know is that any camera is able to produce stunning pictures. In the end, it all comes down to what you choose to include in the picture and how it is framed.
  2. It’s all about the light. When you capture a picture, make sure to wait for the right light. That would mean waiting for the right quality, direction and quantity. If you want more detail and less contrast, you should shoot when the light is softer and diffused.
  3. When recording photos, there are only two file formats to choose from: JPEG or RAW. Between the two, it is recommended that you always choose the RAW format. When an image is recorded in JPEG, it becomes too compressed. Meaning, there is no chance to edit on it unless you go for Photoshop or other editing software. Also, the more you edit JPEG images, the lesser quality it becomes. When you choose RAW, you will be allowed to go back on the image and make some changes if ever the need arises.
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Helpful Tips You Need To Remember To Avoid Travel Scam

You hadn’t fully lived if you had never traveled before. But when you do decide to go on that long awaited trip, you would have to keep in mind a few things. Travelling can be very hard. There are a lot of processes that you would have to undergo and if you are unprepared and unaware, then you might get into a tight spot. But the worst possible thing to happen to you is probably travel scam. Know that there are some companies who can scam you if you are not careful and to avoid them, you can follow these tips below.


  1. The first thing to remember is that when you are offered by a company a good bargain on a trip but would not be given all the details unless the payment has been made, then something is definitely fishy. Do not go for it.
  2. You should always be skeptical when it comes to unsolicited messages that say you have been chosen as a winner and is rewarded with a free vacation because if you know nothing about ever signing up for a contest, then something is wrong.
  3. It will do you a great deal if you learn to do some research. There are offers that would seem appealing but you should know that there are some offers that have so many requirements and restrictions that it would be difficult for you to actually go on a trip. There are also cases where you end up paying more than what you have bargained for.
  4. When you purchase travel services, you should make a background check on the company you are working with. Make sure they are part of an authorized association.
  5. You should only give out your credit card number and other valuable information when you are sure that the company you have chosen can be trusted.
  6. Before you make any payments, make sure that you have already received all the information and details such as price, trips, cancellation and penalties.
  7. If possible, make sure to always pay via credit card because credit card users can refuse to pay services that have not been rendered to them.
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Exploring a Rich and Well Preserved Culture On Top Of the Mountains

Batad Rice Terraces is 350 kilometers from Manila the capital of the Philippines Islands. There is no airport in Banaue and the only way to reach the rice terraces is through car or public transport. The best time of the year to visit Banaue is from January to June because there is less rain.

I have always been intrigued about the Cordillera Mountains in Northern Luzon and I thought I should do something about this desire before I visit other tourist spots all over the world. Besides that my savings are not yet enough to take me to Singapore or South Korea.

The problem about going to Banaue is the lack of transportation because only a few buses ply the route from Manila. It takes a lot of planning to go Banaue and we decided to go first to Baguio City the Summer Capital of the Philippines and then Sagada before we take a jeepney ride to Banaue. However, it seems that we need to hike for a few hours to reach Batad Rice Terraces.

Unlike Baguio which has all the trappings of a small city, Sagada is more laid back although there are lots of local tourists. The January weather was a bit harsh and the air was so cold even with the multiple layers of clothing, two sets of socks and thick denim pants. Internet connectivity was spotty and I felt that we were isolated from civilization.

When we reached the jeepney stop in Banaue, it meant we have to go down and start with the trek. We had a guide who helped us through the slippery and muddy path until we reached a sign that says Batad. A few more minutes of trekking and we will finally see the Batad Rice Terraces. It looked exactly like the pictures with the perfect rows of terraces planted with organic rice. The terraces have been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List which meant that the wonderful view will be untouched by modern technology. Life here is very basic and I felt that I was in a different world surrounded by mountains and trees with no modern infrastructure. The people are happy and that is all that matters.

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The Contrast of Modern and Ancient Culture In Bangkok

It was my first time to travel to Bangkok, Thailand in Southeast Asia and I was surprised to find it teeming with tourists both local and foreigners. There are tourists in every corner and they are obviously delighted with the city that is a mixture of modernity and ancient culture. There are luxury malls and high end hotels everywhere but you can’t help but notice the ancient temples in their majestic glory.

I arrived in Bangkok through the Suvarnabhumi Airport that has all the facilities expected from a major airport. There are ATM machines, money exchangers, taxis for hire, duty-free shops and restaurants. I can’t help but wonder whether this is really an airport or a giant mall. Currency exchange was quite abundant but I was advised to exchange my dollars to baht when I reach the city to gain a much better rate.

Although taxis seemed to be reasonably priced, I chose the Airport Rail Link which was the fastest way to reach the city. I will be able to avoid the horrendous rush hour traffic for which Bangkok is known for. I have friends waiting for me and I have to see them quickly before I get lost in this busy Asian city.

I have some friends in Bangkok whom I met online and they promised to show me the city whenever I got there. True to their word, my Bangkok friends guided me through a tour to Bangkok. They took me to a really very nice market where there were lots of street foods. We bought many spices and one of my friends cooked this original Thai meal for 12 persons.

It is not difficult being a tourist in Bangkok because there were signs written in English language obviously for the benefit of tourists who do not understand Thai. There is life in the waters because ordinary people lived on bamboo rafts with floating vendors selling all sorts of fruits and vegetables. Life for the ordinary Thai is in contrast to the obvious extravagance of the city. The ancient also blends with the modern and surprisingly it works. There is so much to see and experience but before I leave I would be visiting one of those beautiful Buddhist temples.

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How To Lose Weight With A Few Lifestyle Changes

It is a familiar story every year. People make a list of New Year’s resolutions and it includes the vow to lose weight. How many honor the promise? A few days after the New Year, you are back to your normal routine of eating chocolate cupcakes and drinking lots of soda. The pounds you knocked down through a low-calorie diet are back with a vengeance. Diet is over until the next year when you will promise once again to eat right and exercise regularly.

How to lose weight by tweaking your lifestyle
1. If you eat at restaurants a lot, try to cut back the habit to at least once a week. Instead of your favorite pasta, why not try chicken salad, for a change?
2. Stop the routine of buying snacks at the grocery. If you crave for a bag of chips or chocolate bar, try walking to the farthest store. You will learn to ignore the cravings because of inconvenience.
3. Skipping breakfast does not make you lose weight. Opt for a sandwich with natural peanut butter instead of bacon and eggs.
4. No matter how busy you are, try to fit in small bouts of exercise to your daily regimen. You can do some crunches during TV commercials or dance while washing the dishes. Be active and stop munching while watching TV.
5. Quit smoking because it is not healthy.
6. Clean up the pantry to avoid over indulging in ice cream. Replace you sweet food stock with low-calorie snacks.
7. When you are on a night-out, dinner usually consists of deep-fried meals. Encourage your colleagues to join you in walking or running around the local track and grab a healthier dinner.
8. Make the effort to add vegetables to your diet. Opt for pizza with green peppers and arugula instead of loaded with pepperoni.
Determination and self control is very important when you want to lose weight. On the other hand, you can buy HCG to help you lose weight fast. When complemented with low-calorie diet and regular exercise, you will soon look amazing in a swimsuit. No more embarrassing belly fat.

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Tips For A Successful HCG Weight Loss

To go on diet is never a walk in the park. There are so many challenges and temptations along the way but if you are focused on your HCG weight loss endeavor, there is no reason why you will not achieve your goals. There are numerous slimming products available online but when you choose, go for a product that is FDA approved and one that is trusted by more dieters around the world. To make your slimming journey an easier one, take a look at the following tips:

Avoid unhealthy food

Unhealthy foods are those that are generally considered as fattening and high cholesterol. food that are found in fast food chains and burger joints are considered to be unhealthy while chips, soda and other high sodium food groups are considered as junk foods. Instead of taking those sugary chocolate bars and cakes, go for healthy snacks such as fresh salads and fruits for your snacks. Also, instead of drinking colored drinks, go for water. Drink plenty of water within the day or at least 2 gallons to flush out toxins and to speed up your metabolism. Water is also known to lower weight and suppress hunger.

Prepare your own meals

The good thing about preparing your own meals is that you know exactly what type of ingredients you put in your meals. You can choose healthy ingredients to substitute fattening and high cholesterol ingredients such as olive oil or virgin coconut oil to corn oil and other vegetable oils. It would also be best to cook your food during the weekend and apportion it for the entire week in order to augment your HCG weight loss. It would also be better if you would bring your lunch to the office to avoid buying food that you are not sure of its contents.

Go on low carb diet

Follow a low carb diet with a limit of 500 to 550 daily calorie consumption while taking HCG weight loss product. Avoid starchy food such as white bread and potatoes. Do light exercises such as walking and jogging to firm up your body.