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A Website Visitor’s Guide in Checking 5 Star Resort in Kata Beach

If you are planning to book in a 5 star resort in Kata beach, the first thing that you would probably do is visit a number of websites to help you find a nice resort where you can book your accommodation. There are several information that you can find in a website and it is important that you identify which of these information is relevant to you. To save time, here are some of the more important details that you should check in a resort’s website.

Rooms and accommodation

The rooms and accommodation tab provides vital information such the room types offered by the resort and the amenities that you can find therein. Aside from that, you will find the room rates and its inclusions such as complimentarybreakfast, shuttle service, parking and other services.

Restaurants and Bars

One of the things that would complete your holiday experience in a 5 star resort in Kata beach is the food and dishes served by their bars and restaurants. Read reviews and customer testimonials to determine if the resort offers sumptuous meals that you can feast on while on vacation.


Another thing to check is the amenities that will intensify your holiday experience in Kata beach. Find out if the resort has its swimming pools or a wellness and treatment spa for your relaxation and detoxification needs or if the resort has a fitness centre to support your health regimen. You can find this information by checking at the resort’s gallery or the specific tabs that contain hotel or resort features.

Offers and Promotions

There are different ways to lower your holiday expenses. You can enjoy the various tastes, luxury and comfort even if you book in a 5 star resort in Kata beach with limited budget. All you have to do is check the offers and promotions tab to find packages, special deals, discounted drinks or food and even free services. It is also in this tab where you can find guided tours and special classes that you can enrol to.