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A Unique Experience In The Streets Of Bangkok

Thailand is one of the member-nations of Southeast Asia which you should never miss during your travels. You can take your pick of temples to visit or you can shop till you drop because Bangkok happens to be a shopper’s paradise. However, food is one of the many reasons why Thailand must be on top of your travel list.

One of most interesting things that a traveller needs to experience in Bangkok is the floating market. Vendors in boats sell different varieties of authentic Thai food from hot and sour dishes to rice with spicy stir-fried crab’s meat.

Another way to be in close touch with Thailand’s culture is to join the locals and foreign tourists who prefer the delicious meals served in the streets. At first, it can be a little intimidating particularly if you have not experienced eating with the fingers but street food in Bangkok will be one of your most exciting experiences.

Street food is plentiful in Bangkok particularly in busy areas. If you have concerns over hygiene make sure to eat in the busy areas where ingredients are always fresh. There are food stalls that specialize in specific dishes but noodles are always available including the papaya salad and grilled meat on skewers.

To make sure that you have the right choices, check out what the vendor is busy stirring inside the wok. Some of the vendors speak Basic English and can answer your questions but there are also those who speak only their native language.

When it is time to choose your noodles, look at the display because they come is several sizes and shapes. Choosing the noodles is easy; it is more challenging to select what condiments should go into the soup. Remember to avoid the dried ground chilli if you are not fond of spicy and hot foods.

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